What Is a Park Resort?

Patti Kate

A park resort is a vacation or holiday retreat that typically offers lodging accommodations and recreational activities. Some park resorts are dedicated to promoting family togetherness, while others focus on particular sporting events and activities. This may include golf resorts or ski resorts. A park resort for seniors may involve activities for guests 65 years or older.

Ski resorts are a popular destination during the winter.
Ski resorts are a popular destination during the winter.

People who enjoy the outdoors or watching wildlife in a natural setting often choose a nature park resort for a vacation getaway. This type of park resort may offer hiking trails or campgrounds, as well as lodging and dining. Some nature park resorts are not open year-round.

Women in a sauna at a park resort.
Women in a sauna at a park resort.

Vacationers who own recreational vehicles (RVs) may choose an RV park resort where they can lodge in their own parked vehicles. These parks also include various activities and campgrounds. Ocean park resorts are good for tourism during late spring and summer months. These resorts often feature rooms or suites with oceanfront views. Ocean resorts often feature fitness centers, saunas, and other amenities, such as daycare centers.

Park resorts in the mountains may feature rented cabins during ski season. A mountain resort may have various cabin options, ranging in size and cost. The park resort may offer a free continental breakfast, and amenities such as a cozy fireplace. Some of the cabin retreats also feature private balconies or patios, often featuring a view of the mountains.

Many park resorts feature spas. A private Jacuzzi is a luxury many vacationers request. Steam rooms and whirlpool baths are commonly found at spa resorts, and therapeutic services, such as deep tissue massage and facials, may also be offered. It's also common for resorts to offer large-screen televisions and Internet access in cabins or rented bungalows.

Guided tours are often offered at many resort towns and parks. These tours are often popular with seniors, although there are tours for all age groups at most resorts. Bus tours or walking tours are options that many tourists select.

Water park resorts are a popular choice for family vacations. Some resorts feature river rides for the adults and splash rides for children, as well as arcade rooms. Indoor and outdoor water parks are popular in many areas of the United States. A park resort vacation may be booked directly through the resort and sometimes through a travel agent.

Some park resorts specialize in golf or other sports and activities.
Some park resorts specialize in golf or other sports and activities.

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