What is a Palmtop Printer?

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As many people depend more on portable and handheld devices, the creation of a palmtop printer is a logical progression in technology. Essentially a small and portable printer that can be used with a laptop computer, a PDA, and even with a hand held device such as a cell phone, the palmtop printer ensures that pictures and other types of documents can be safely printed in just about any situation. Here are some of the features of the palmtop printer that make the tiny printer such a great asset to anyone who is on the go.

Palmtop printers have been around for several years. The earliest palmtops were created as portable means of making it possible to take along a printer for use with a laptop computer. These tiny printers were small enough to fit into a computer bag with ease, and could be connected with the use of a USB cable. Batteries provided the power for the first generation of the palmtop printing devices, and memory capacity was usually sufficient to process a large text document, or a lesser number of pages that contained images. Small rolls of paper, similar to those used with adding machines, provided the medium for the printer to do its work.


Later models of the palmtop printer have benefited from further refinements in wireless technology. Along with interaction with laptops, wireless methods now allow the printers to communicate with cell phones and other handheld devices that also are based on wireless functionality. The USB cable is no longer necessary as long as a wireless connection can be established between the palmtop printer and the device. This means it is possible to use a palmtop printer to connect with a cell phone with camera capability, capture the images that are saved on the phone, and print them from the memory of the palmtop.

Batteries are still the main source of power with the palmtop printer, although many models still come with a power cord for use when another power source is available. Many models on the market today have the necessary capacity to download, store, and print in excess of one hundred standard size photographs. Even though the capabilities of the palmtop camera have increased, the size has not. While the printers have always been small in construction, newer models tend to be thinner than ever. This makes carrying the palmtop printer along when traveling for work or pleasure that much easier.


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