What is a Paddle Hairbrush?

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When looking at hair care products, you may find yourself overwhelmed with all of the available options. Even shopping for something as simple as a hairbrush can be a complicated task for the uninformed consumer. To smooth and straighten long hair, however, a paddle hairbrush is a wise investment. These wide, flat brushes are great for working with hair of all textures and suitable for most everyday styling needs.

Quality is an important consideration when buying a paddle hairbrush. The brush should be approximately three inches wide to make it suitable for styling long hair. Generally, the most expensive paddle hairbrushes feature substantial wooden handles. If you frequently have trouble gripping your hairbrush, however, a rubber coated handle may offer additional control.

There are many different options for the bristles in your hairbrush. Ionic construction and heat resistant bristles are useful features if you plan to use your brush for heat styling on a daily basis. Ceramic compound bristles are useful for removing static and preventing tangles. Rounded plastic tips massage the scalp to make you feel relaxed and refreshed.


Paddle brushes, regardless of which type you purchase, are fairly easy to use. However, it's important to remember that you should never use a paddle hairbrush to style wet hair. Use a comb to detangle your hair, then use your brush to blow dry large sections of hair quickly and easily. Hold your hair taut with the paddle hairbrush to create added tension that will "stretch" the hair into the new shape. This technique also helps to add polish and shine to your finished style.

Once you've found a hairbrush that fits your needs, it's important to clean it regularly. A high quality paddle hairbrush will last for several years if properly maintained. To clean your brush, use a long tooth comb to remove any loose hair that has become lodged between the bristles. Approximately once per month, wash the brush in a solution of lukewarm soapy water to remove dust, dirt, oils, and residue from hair care products such as gels, hairsprays, or mousses. Gently rinse the brush in clean water and allow it to air dry away from direct sunlight.


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