What Is a Nudist Resort?

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A nudist resort is similar to other resorts, except it offers an opportunity for guests to shed their clothing and enjoy the resort's amenities in the buff. A clothing-free or clothing-optional nudist resort can range from a more rustic camping facility to a high-end, luxury spa retreat. Many companies tout a vacation at a nudist resort as a stress-free experience.

These resorts will often operate as private clubs and set their own rules. Most resorts do require guests to sit or lie down on a towel when nude. Sometimes a nudist resort is designated as adults-only, so anyone under age 18 is not welcome. Many resorts offer tips for new members, as well as activity schedules and rules online.

Some resorts are designated as couples-only, while others cater to singles, families or gays. Desert Paradise in Palm Springs, California, bills itself as a resort for gay men. Olive Dell Ranch in Southern California is geared toward couples and families.

Nudist resorts offer a variety of activities, such as volleyball tournaments, dances and pool parties. The Mountain Air Ranch in Colorado's Rocky Mountain offers hiking and swimming while nude. Casino nights, shuffle board and horseshoes are also available activities, and the nudist resort welcomes kids. The Lone Star Resort in Navasota, Texas, is another family-friendly resort, and it is geared toward providing nude recreation in a stress-fee environment.


Some resorts, such as Paradise Lakes Resort located north of Tampa, Florida, offer day spas, hair salons and hot tubs. Upscale restaurants, poolside bars and fitness centers are also featured at many resorts. Other nudist resort amenities include nightclubs, boutiques and recreational vehicle (RV) parks. Guests can also enjoy fire pit areas, tennis courts and gift shops.

Activities at some nudist resorts are not limited to the facility, as many resorts offer day trips to nearby attractions. Some activities, such as scuba diving, running a race and surfing, can be done in the nude. Other activities, such as visiting a local art gallery or amusement park, will typically require resort guests to don clothing.

Rates vary between resorts, with some nudist resorts offering day passes and others offering discounts for extended stays, such as an entire season. Some resorts are open year-round, while others are only open during certain times of the year. Northaven Resort in Brooklyn, Michigan, is open mid-April through 1 October, while Deer Park Nudist Resort in San Bernardino, California, offers activities year-round. While the resort's summer events include dances, bands and contests on the pool deck, events move into the Trails End clubhouse during cooler months.


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