What is a Nightclub?

A nightclub is an entertainment venue open later in the evening that stays open usually until the early morning hours. Most nightclubs are usually located in urban areas. The music and dance floor are big draws of these places, and they may serve some type of food as well as drinks.

Food in nightclubs is often limited to appetizers and lighter fare such as chicken wings and nachos. These types of foods are popular, require minimum fuss and go well with alcoholic drinks. Some more upscale places may feature sophisticated dishes. The food as well as the drinks served varies according to the clientele.

The location of a nightclub should depend on where the target customer is located such as near bars that they also attend. Clientele may go to a bar first earlier the same night. Rather than just depend on one type of clientele, however, many nightclub owners try to attract a mix of customers to ensure they can keep a full enough house to make a profit. For example, a place may want to target young professionals, office workers, tourists and college students.

The main difference between a nightclub and a bar is a dance floor. Whereas many bars don't have a dance floor, every nightclub is likely to have a large dance floor in the middle of the club. A disc jockey (DJ) booth is often located right near the dance floor and some dance floors also feature laser light effects. The decor and music is targeted to attract the types of clientele wanted. Some nightclubs have a modern metal and leather decor while others may have a more rustic look with a lot of wood accents.

The ratio of staff to clientele varies as to the size of the club and the average amount of customers they regularly serve, but a basic industry level of service is often considered one service person per 35 or less customers. Many nightclubs offer drink specials for birthday parties as well as bachelor and bachelorette parties.

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Post 7

@lighth0se33 – I tend to see the same faces at one nightclub on the same days of the week. It's like everyone has their own day that they choose to have a good time.

I work as a waitress in a nightclub, and I have come to expect certain folks on certain days. They almost always order the same things, too. One guy comes in for the wings every Wednesday, and he also orders a pitcher of beer.

It's rare to see new faces during the week. Mostly, the newcomers show up on the weekend. The loyal customers are weekday only, though.

Post 6

In my college town on Thursdays, nightclubs are hopping. I don't know why students pick Thursday instead of Friday as their party night, but they always do. That's why a lot of them never make it to class on Fridays.

I remember having to go see my favorite bands play on Thursdays, because that was when their gigs were scheduled. I could only stay awhile, since I couldn't afford to miss my Friday classes.

Friday and Saturday nights at these same clubs were usually filled with people in their thirties and forties. They never seemed to mix with the college students, and when one group would be likely to visit, the other would stay away.

Post 5

I've visited several area nightclubs, but my favorite one is the one with a really modern interior. All the chairs and tables have rounded, sleek edges in bright colors.

There is even a large aquarium built into one wall. I suppose this protects the fish from the drunk people. I've caught some of them staring intently at the fish, and I have no doubt that they would try to pet them if they could get to them!

The lighting is awesome in there. The whole place has sort of a blue hue, except the dance floor area. When the music starts, the lights change in time to it.

Post 4

@alisha – Nine o'clock sounds about right to me. I used to play in a band at a nightclub every Friday night, and we always started at 9.

Almost no one would show up before that, unless they came to shoot pool. Really, the majority of the crowd showed up around ten.

No one really ventured onto the dance floor until 10:30 or 11:00. They all had to get enough liquid courage into their systems first. After that, it was all fun.

Post 3

I used to go to nightclubs a lot when I was younger but I just don't enjoy it anymore. I still love dancing but if I go now, I feel that it's too loud and too crowded.

My friends and I went out to a nightclub last Friday and I couldn't wait to get out of there. The music wasn't good and a group of people that were there got a little too carried away. Alcohol flows like water in these places, so things can get out of control.

Post 2

@alisha-- Yes, nightclubs are for age 21 and over because they serve alcohol. I think there are a few 18 and over nightclubs but they won't serve alcohol. Or a regular nightclub might have an 18 and over night one day a week where they won't serve alcohol but people can come hang out and dance.

Aside from that, there aren't restrictions on who can enter. People from all age groups can go to nightclubs but usually you will see twenty and thirty year old folks there.

There are also some gay-friendly nightclubs that mainly cater to gay individuals. Straight people can go there if they want to but usually they don't

Post 1

I've never been to a nightclub before. Are there any rules and restrictions about who can enter a nightclub?

What time do people usually go to a Saturday nightclub? Is it okay to go at 9pm?

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