What is a Niacin Detox?

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Niacin is a type of organic compound that dilates blood vessels within the human body. A niacin detox is based on the premise that ingesting niacin will help to increase blood flow, which will, in turn, flush fats and toxins from the body. Those who are proponents of the niacin detox diet believe that toxins are trapped inside of body fat, and that this body fat can be removed from the blood vessels with the help of niacin.

The human body is comprised of many different capillaries ranging from larger blood vessels to smaller vessels. Frequently, smaller capillaries become blocked due to a decrease in blood flow. Through a niacin detox, it is believed that the amount of blood flow running through smaller capillaries will become increased. Those who believe in a niacin detox also believe that toxins are stored inside of smaller capillaries. Therefore, the ingestion of niacin will help to flush these toxins out of the body.

People who suffer from alcohol-induced pellagra, a disease caused by a lack of niacin, are often prescribed niacin tablets. While niacin may help those who are battling pellagra, niacin should not be added to one's diet without the recommendation of a medical doctor. Even though niacin is used in some medical circumstances, the niacin detoxification diet has yet to be proven healthy or effective.


In addition to ingesting niacin caplets, those who embark upon a niacin detoxification program must also follow a strict diet that includes exercise. By consuming a vast amount of fruits, vegetables, and water, toxins are not allowed to re-enter the body. While the premise of a niacin detox appeals to many different people from all over the globe, this type of detoxification diet should not be attempted without the guidance of a licensed doctor.

Frequently, those who have been using illegal drugs will attempt to flush all traces of these drugs from the body with the help of a niacin detox. Even though this attempt may seem logical, there is little proof as to the effectiveness of this course of action. An effective method for removing all illegal substances from the body has not been discovered.

Various practitioners of the niacin detoxification program also believe that this type of diet will help reduce cholesterol. There is little scientific evidence to support the premise that niacin will help prevent or reduce cholesterol. In fact, some medical specialists argue that niacin may be harmful to the human body.

Ingesting any kind of niacin tablet will cause one's skin to flush a deep red color, and some people may experience an intense itching sensation. While this side effect is normal, it is a wise idea to pay attention to any further irritation, since some people may be allergic to various types of tablets.


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Contrary to what this article states, the use of niacin to lower cholesterol is well-established and has been proven in study after study. There are some questions about the safety of using niacin at the required dosage, but there is no question whatsoever that it lowers cholesterol--and does so more effectively than most prescription drugs.

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