What is a Neuroma Injection?

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A neuroma injection is used to reduce pain in the foot. This pain occurs in and around the joints of the toes. Neuroma refers to a degeneration or fibrosis of the digital nerve. Typically, this occurs between the third and forth metatarsal ligaments, but it can also happen in the first and second metatarsal area as well. Alcohol is used when a neuroma injection is given, which can eliminate the intermittent discomfort associated with this condition.

This painful nerve damage can occur for several reasons. There may have been an abnormal growth formation of the nerves surrounding the toes due to a genetic defect. A severe injury to the foot can also cause a host of problems that include damage to the metatarsal ligaments. Any nerve irritation can also be responsible for a deterioration of the foot. This is generally caused by wearing footwear that does not fit properly.

The symptoms of a neuroma can vary, depending on its cause. In most cases, a tingling or numbness in the toe area can be a tell-tale sign of this condition. When diagnosing a neuroma, a patient can also experience a cramping of the toes, as well as extreme pain that occurs intermittently. Diagnostic techniques and ultrasound imagery can be other ways to determine if a neuroma injection or any other procedure is needed to correct the foot problem.


A neuroma injection is not the only way to correct metatarsal ligament problem. Other methods include surgery, massage therapy, and the use of orthotic footwear. Occasionally, these methods can ease the symptoms, but they can also produce certain side effects, which include the return of the initial symptoms or scar tissue from a surgical procedure. The neuroma injection is given to the patient for a scheduled period of time, and, when it is used along with an orthotic device, pain is typically completely eliminated within a year.

There are side effects that can occur with the use of neuroma injection treatments. If this treatment is used for a long period of time, it is possible for the nerves to become damaged. In this case, a patient can lose feeling in the area. On rare occasions, a neuroma injection may not work. This therapy can be given for a period of time with no results and the patient will have to use an alternative method to manage the metatarsal ligament damage.


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