What is a Neurology Society?

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A neurology society is an academic body that is composed of neuroscientists, neurologists, neuroscience professors, and other professionals in the field of neuroscience. The society's main goal is usually to promote and seek advances in the neuroscience field. Other areas of interest for a neurology society may also include promoting the most advanced technological care for patients suffering from neurological related illness and diseases. These type of societies are important because they allow for professionals, researchers, and people interested in the field to come together to advance and promote it.

One neurology society located in America is the American Academy of Neurology, which caters to neuroscience professionals and patients seeking information in medical advances related to neuroscience. There are many other neurological societies around the world, including the Canadian Neurological Sciences Federation and the European Neurological Society. These societies serve as national and regional organizations for neurological research and advancement; however, there are often many other smaller neurological organizations within a country that help serve professionals of a specific area.


Neuroscience is a branch of health sciences that works to better understand the physiological and cognitive mechanisms of the neural systems of the body. These systems include the central nervous system, which is composed of brain and spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous system, which is primarily responsible for neural systems located throughout the rest of the body. The cells responsible for neural activities are called neurons. These cells are the basic functioning unit of the nervous system and their malfunction can cause serious damage and diseases.

Neurological societies are composed of researchers and professionals within the neuroscience field. These neuroscientists, neurological researchers, and neuroscience professionals help in keeping the neurology society functioning. A neuroscientist is a scientist that is carries out experiments and procedures relating to the brain or nervous system of a biological organism. A neurological researcher hypothesizes and tests out different experiments relating to neurological disorders and diseases in the hopes of finding a cure or treatment or further advancing a particular subfield within neuroscience.

Some neurological societies also publish scholarly journals that provide information for readers and researchers about the most recent advancements in the filed of neuroscience. These journals typically accept only the most important and crucial research related to neuroscience. Articles submitted are usually first reviewed by a panel of experts before being published.


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