What is a Network Support Technician?

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A network support technician is a specific type of computer network technician that handles troubleshooting and maintenance for network systems. A computer network technician handles all of the hardware and software that makes up a business network. This includes various workstations that are connected to each other in order to communicate, as well as other hardware for data handling like servers. All of this hardware is generally arranged in complex patterns, especially in a larger business with multiple office locations, and maintaining a large office network often requires a dedicated staff of network support technicians.

A network support technician is often in charge of making sure that an existing commercial network functions properly. This can include checking hardware, where the support technician may work with cabling and individual hardware pieces. It also includes fixing software problems, where support technicians use specific diagnostic tools according to the type of software that the network was built with. Businesses try to match the skill sets of the network support staff with the kinds of hardware and software products that were used to create the network.


A network support technician should know about popular networking software such as Novell Netware and the Unix operating system. Someone involved in network support should also be familiar with standard network configurations like peer-to-peer and client-server hookups. His or her job involves evaluating all of these pieces of a network in order to provide effective assistance if a connectivity problem or other issue arises.

Generally, a network support technician will have a four-year degree in computer science. Math and physics skills are also helpful for individuals starting a professional career in this field. These professionals can also get specific certifications from companies like Cisco to show that they are skilled in administrating a network.

Network support technicians are skilled in computer repair and computer maintenance. They may help configure hardware, update software, or assist with other jobs involving computer networks as needed. Network support technicians are often part of a comprehensive information technology department that helps a business to manage one of its most complex assets and resources: its IT network. This kind of job role is predicted to be in demand for quite a long time, as businesses achieve more and more through electronic communications, and network administration becomes a greater part of an overall IT maintenance budget.


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