What Is a Net Weave?

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A net weave is a type of hair extension used on people experiencing severe hair loss. The basic process involves applying a thin net over the head, securing it to the natural hair, and then sewing hair extensions on to the net. When finished, it will look as if the person has a full and healthy head of hair. To maintain the extensions, it's necessary to return to the salon for maintenance every other week. With proper care, the net weave should last two to three months.

People experiencing varying degrees of hair loss may find it difficult to find hair extension solutions that will work for them. Most hair extensions on the market have to be applied to existing hair. If a person has prominent bald spots, there won't be any natural hair for the extensions to adhere to. In addition, most hair extensions can only be applied to a healthy head of hair. This greatly reduces the options available for people who have particular types of diseases, hair conditions, or even general balding, as it may make their conditions worse.


The net weave was created as a solution for people unable to wear regular extensions. A stylist will start by braiding the existing natural hair so that it's tight and close to the head. While the net weave will be more secure if the natural hair is braided, it's possible to still use one on shorter hair that cannot be braided. To apply the weave, the stylist will apply a thin net over the top of the head and secure it to the natural hair. After the net is in place, hair extensions are hand-sewn onto the net to create a full head of hair.

In order to properly maintain a net weave, one must return to the salon a minimum of every two weeks so the stylist can perform maintenance on the extensions. Typical maintenance includes cleaning, securing any loose pieces, and styling. For people who feel they need to wash their hair more often, the extensions can be washed once a week, as long as they are thoroughly dried out each time. With proper care, a good net weave should last a minimum of two months, and up to three months, before having to be completely redone. A major benefit of using a net weave versus other types of hair extensions is that it isn't damaging to the natural hair, and may even help promote new, healthy hair growth in certain situations.


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