What Is a Navy SEAL Workout?

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The Navy Seal workout draws on the requirements of a Navy Seal training graduate. The work out stresses high physical endurance as well as cardio-fitness. Navy seals have long been equated with toughness and fitness members of the military, therefore, trainers have linked certain training routines with the Navy Seal name. This workout is a good way to lose excess body fat and gain stamina.

Swimming, pull-ups, push-ups, running and sit-ups are all parts of a Navy Seal workout routine. By completing several sets of each exercise and resting between each set, the body is trained to endure and to overcome fatigue. Many exercise routines require its participants to complete some of these exercises, but the Navy Seal workout is the only one to incorporate all of the exercises in a single routine.

A benefit of the Navy Seal workout is that it can be completed without the use of high-tech machines or even a gym. The workout can be accomplished in most homes providing there is a provision for the swimming and pull-ups. The single most important factor in completing the Navy Seal workout is determination. The workout will cause soreness and tired bodies. The individual training must be persistent in the completion of the exercises.


The Navy Seal workout is not exactly like the Navy Seal training program. For example, Navy Seals begin with a 50-meter swim and work up to a two-mile (3.2 kim) ocean swim. In the workout program, only a 100-meter swim is required. The workout program calls for a two-mile run while the Navy Seals complete a four-mile (6.4 kim) timed run. Push-ups and sit-ups are both called for in the workout; however, not in the quantities a Navy Seal would need to be considered for the Seals.

While not as demanding as the actual Seal workout, the this routine encompasses a certain feeling of being elite. The comparison to what many perceive as the premiere fitness requirement in the military, the Navy Seal, gives a feeling of success to all who complete it. Taking on the workout of a Navy Seal allows someone to gain more self-respect and push harder and further than they had ever been pushed in the past. To complete the workout is to have reached a level of pride and the pinnacle of conditioning and training in order to be compared to a Navy Seal.


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