What is a Naturopathic Diet?

April S. Kenyon

A naturopathic diet is based primarily upon the concept that the body is capable of healing itself if it is provided with the right types of foods. Vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other nutrients found naturally in food items are essential to the health of an individual. Those who study naturopathy believe not only that the body can prevent a large number of illnesses and diseases through a diet comprised of all natural foods, but that it also has the ability to heal itself of these ailments with the proper diet. A naturopathic diet consists only of natural foods that are free from additives, preservatives, and processing. This type of diet, while focused primarily upon the healing aspects of nutrition, might also help an individual to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle when applied properly.

People who are on a naturopathic diet should eat plenty of nutritious, organically grown vegetables.
People who are on a naturopathic diet should eat plenty of nutritious, organically grown vegetables.

Naturopathic diets are made up primarily of organic and all natural food items. Foods that are consumed cannot contain any additives or preservatives. They also cannot have been artificially processed in any way. Naturopathic nutritionists believe that a number of toxins and other unhealthy elements enter the body through processed foods that contain various additives and preservatives. It is believed that certain ailments and diseases can be avoided by consuming only natural foods.

A naturopathic diet may help a person lose weight.
A naturopathic diet may help a person lose weight.

The idea behind a naturopathic diet is to get as close to nature as possible. Fruits and vegetables should be organically grown. Meats and poultry should be from animals that were free ranging and were raised only on natural and organic grasses, feed, and soil. They cannot have at any point been injected with hormones or chemicals of any kind. The meat should be free from pesticides, and cannot contain any dyes or preservatives that are often used in packaging.

In order to attain the most nutrition from fruits and vegetables, they should be consumed either raw or barely steamed in water. Cooking fruits and vegetables can cause them to lose a number of vitamins and minerals in the heating process. The study of naturopathy believes that by consuming only natural foods high in nutritional content an individual can cleanse the body of impurities and help it to heal of any ailments or diseases. A naturopathic diet is also believed to increase energy levels and boost the immune system in order to help the body fight off illness.

Unlike many weight-loss diet plans, a naturopathic diet does not focus primarily upon shedding pounds. A naturopathic nutritionist will be more interested in discovering the underlying cause for the excessive weight, such as a thyroid problem, liver disease, addictions, stress, or an emotional imbalance. Depending upon the determined cause of weight gain, a naturopathic nutritionist can help an individual determine what types of foods should be consumed in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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