What is a Nail Whitener?

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Nail whiteners are an over-the-counter product that aims to whiten yellowed nails. Most nail whiteners include various bleaching agents that whiten nails with the help of certain chemicals. While these products are popular, many beauty experts believe that nails can be whitened without the help of any over-the-counter nail whitener product.

The average nail whitener has three basic ingredients. These ingredients include sodium precarbonate, potassium peroxydisulfate, and sodium tripolyphosphate. Essentially, both sodium precarbonate and potassium peroxydisulfate are bleaching agents. Sodium tripolyphosphate is an ingredient that is often used as a preservative for certain foods, including pet food. Thus, any average nail whitener contains bleaching and cleaning agents that both clean and whiten nails.

Aside from purchasing a nail whitener to whiten nails, many beauty experts believe that nails can be whitened with a simple home solution. By thoroughly cleaning nails, soaking nails in lemon juice mixed with baking powder, and rubbing the mixture into nails, many people find that nails appear whiter. This home remedy can be applied to nails on a regular basis in order to increase whiteness.


While many people simply find yellowed nails unattractive, a sudden change in nail color can be a sign of impending problems. Nails turn yellow for numerous reasons including certain health conditions. While most people experience yellowing nails as a result of bacteria, yellowed nails can also be a sign of a serious medical problem. People who are suffering from diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, and lung problems may have yellowed nails. Therefore, anyone who is experiencing a sudden change in nail color should seek medical attention right away.

Nail whitener can be purchased in any drugstore or online. Home treatments can be concocted simply and easily, though mixing bleaching elements in order to create a nail whitener is not recommended. Prior to applying any kind of nail whitener, homemade or otherwise, it is wise to remove any nail polish beforehand. Attempting to apply a whitening product over nail polish will not result in whiter nails.

Frequently, the color of one's nails may be directly impacted by one's diet. Many health professionals believe that consuming a diet full of vitamins and nutrients will encourage whiter nails along with nail growth. Contrastingly, consuming a diet laden with salt, sugar, and fried food will adversely effect nails. In the end, by eating a healthier diet, monitoring one's health with regular medical check-ups, and using either a homemade whitener or store-bought whitener, yellowed nails should become whiter.


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Post 3

The absolute best nail whitener that I've ever used is LA Girl nail whitener and smoother! It made my nails almost iridescent, especially in the sun! Believe me, try this product and you'll be so delighted! Plus, it's only like $2.99! Wow.

Post 2

This seems a bit worrisome to me. I'm sure there are plenty of products that are safe enough to use if they are bought in a store, but I know there are plenty of skin bleaches available online that can cause burns or allergic reactions, even if they are used properly.

There is a large segment of the world that wants lighter skin and there are more than enough con artists willing to provide products that may or may not do it for them.

If you must have whiter nails, please make sure you buy a safe product that's been approved by the government, or follow the article advice and use the home remedy.

Post 1

Some people also get yellow fingers and nails from smoking. I think it is the nicotine that causes the color change, which also effects teeth.

I think, in this case, it could also be the internal health of the smoker being affected by the cigarettes.

It is really hard to give up, but there are so many benefits. Just think what you'll save in baking soda and lemon juice alone!

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