What is a Nail Art Machine?

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A nail art machine, also known as a digital nail art machine or digi nail art, creates designs on both real and fake nails in much the same way as a computer printer prints out a picture onto a blank piece of paper. The customer places her hands into the machine and it prints the design onto each nail. Designs range from standard templates programmed into the machine, or custom made designs in which a picture is scanned and transferred to the computer where the nail art machine can convert it into a usable design.

To receive a nail art machine manicure, the customer will need to find a salon that offers nail art services by machine. She will first receive a normal manicure at the salon to clean and shape the nails and trim away the cuticles. Often a solid color of nail polish is applied to the nails to serve as a background for the fingernail art image. The manicurist applies a special coat of polish which the nail art design will adhere to.


The customer chooses an image from the machine or gives the manicurist a photo to upload for a personalized design. When the machine is ready, the customer places her hands into the nail art machine. It senses where the nails are and begins spraying the paint over the nails. It is important for salons to only use machines that have a safety feature that shuts it off automatically if the client accidentally moves her hands out of the designated area.

Once the paint is applied, it only takes a few seconds for each nail to dry. The process works on fake nails as well. The nails are placed in the machine and applied to the customer after the design is painted on. While anyone can buy a machine, they can cost thousands of US Dollars (USD) and typically only professional salons purchase them.

Most nail art machines feature a touchscreen display that allows users to scroll through and view all the possible designs. It may also allow them to alter the designs or make changes to a picture the customer has uploaded for use. This gives customers control over the design and allows them to see what it will look like before making their final selection.


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@talentryto- I think that having your nails done with a nail art machine is a bit too elaborate for every day wear, but it does look nice for special occasions. For example, I have seen brides have their colors and flowers designed into nail art. This is particularly pretty for the wedding photos.

Post 1

Having nail art done with this type of machine seems a bit drastic, especially since the artwork will only last so long. Is it really worth the time and cost to have it done?

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