What Is a Mustache Tattoo?

Marjorie McAtee

A mustache tattoo is a trend in body art in which a small mustache is tattooed on the inside of the index finger. When the wearer holds the tattooed finger up to his lip, it can give him the appearance of having a cartoonish mustache. The tattoo is said to have originated in Federal Hill, Rhode Island, in 2006. The first person to get a mustache tattoo is said to have done so to commemorate his upcoming nuptials. The tattoo is said to have become instantly popular, with several more people requesting them the very same day.

A tattoo machine.
A tattoo machine.

Most people get this tattoo as a kind of joke. It allows the wearer to don an obviously false mustache at any time. The mustaches can be tattooed in any style, though curly handlebar mustaches appear to be most popular. A common joke about the tattoo is that it allows its wearers to disguise themselves at a moment's notice. Many have found that such a tattoo can serve as a conversational ice-breaker, or lighten the mood in awkward social situations.

The fingerstache is popular with both men and women.
The fingerstache is popular with both men and women.

Permanent finger mustache tattoos generally take only a few minutes to perform. The procedure is said to be only minimally uncomfortable. The permanent tattoo remains in place for life. These tattoos are popular among both women and men. They have little to do with the ability to grow an actual mustache, but are instead widely seen as an expression of the wearer's quirky sense of humor.

People who wear these tattoos usually tend to think of them as frivolous, lighthearted, and generally goofy in nature. Others have expressed disapproval of the mustache tattoo, pointing out that it would be much more practical to draw the mustache on one's finger with washable ink. Debate rages in some circles as to whether the permanent tattoo is, in fact, a good idea.

Temporary finger mustaches are also available. They're typically ideal for those who don't wish to make permanent body modifications. A temporary mustache tattoo can allow the wearer to change the style of his finger mustache daily. False finger mustaches are often considered a fun gift for children. Like permanent finger mustaches, these removable tattoos can be purchased in almost any style.

Mustache tattoos aren't always permanent, and can be applied using marker or temporary tattoo instead.
Mustache tattoos aren't always permanent, and can be applied using marker or temporary tattoo instead.

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@ysmina-- I agree. I have temporary mustache tattoo that I use sometimes just for fun. I don't like the idea of having something on my skin forever. But I love Dali mustaches. They're very funny and trending right now. I also have mustache accessories like rings, earrings, necklaces, hair clips, etc.


I don't think that a permanent mustache tattoo is a good idea. I actually don't think that any permanent tattoo is a good idea.

I watched a program on TV the other day where they showed how laser tattoo removal works. Apparently it takes ten or more sessions to remove a tattoo. That's a lot of money and at least one whole year before the tattoo is erased. It's painful too.

Mustache tattoos are on the finger so they're very visible and the chances of someone regretting it in the future is likely. If anyone really wants a mustache tattoo, it's best to get a temporary one or just draw it on with a washable marker.


My friend has a mustache tattoo. One of the other advantages of this tattoo is that it makes for great pictures. My friend probably has hundreds of pictures so far where she has donned her "mustache" in a variety of situations and places. It's very funny and many of our common friends have wanted to meet her seeing her pics on social networking sites. So the mustache tattoo really does put forward an image of someone that's fun-loving and has a good sense of humor.

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