What is a Music Pillow?

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A music pillow is an electronic device that is capable of playing music though its internal speakers. In general, a music pillow features a port through which to connect an MP3 player; the user can then select the music he or she wants to hear on the MP3 player, and the music will play through the pillow. Music pillows are particularly popular with children who may have a difficult time falling asleep, but they may be used by people of all ages.

There are many different designs of music pillows available. There are many in the shape of colorful cartoon characters, and some are simply shaped like large throw pillows. Some may be designed to look like a bed pillow, to allow the user to sleep directly on top of it, while some may even be body-length pillows. Others models may feature a small pocket to store the MP3 player and its cord in while it is in use, to prevent it from falling onto the floor.


A music pillow is generally designed with a generous amount of padding, to prevent the user from laying directly on top of a speaker. It will also feature a volume control, because it is unlikely that one would want to hear loud music when trying to fall asleep, or when sharing a bed with another person who does not want to be disturbed. Some people find it particularly helpful to listen to music or recorded nature sounds while trying to get to sleep, because it can help one to relax and unwind. One might also use a music pillow to listen to music while reading or studying, rather than putting headphones in the ears, which can be uncomfortable after a period of time.

A music pillow may also be an excellent gadget to take while traveling. It may be able to help a child relax while on a plane or in an unfamiliar hotel room. It is typically only necessary to bring an auxiliary cable to connect the MP3 device to the music pillow; it connects through a 3.5 mm headphone jack on both devices. A music player designed for a proprietary MP3 device may have a different connection, so be sure to read the specifications before making a purchase or bringing one on a trip.

A music pillow is typically a fairly inexpensive gadget, but it can be a lifesaver for people of all ages. They can generally be purchased online. It may be helpful to read reviews written by other consumers, to learn about sound quality and other features of the pillows. Keep in mind that sound quality will generally be fairly basic, and will not likely please the dedicated audiophile.


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