What is a Multi-Gym?

Simone Lawson

A multi-gym is a home fitness system that has multiple components designed to perform a wide range of exercises. Some prefer using a multi-gym over working out at public gym because of the convenience it offers; it may also result in cost savings when compared to the cost of gym memberships. Most multi-gyms are designed for resistance training, but some systems may include additional components for cardiovascular exercise.

Multi-gyms allow for the use of free weights.
Multi-gyms allow for the use of free weights.

The majority of multi-gyms will typically include weight-lifting equipment. Most systems will consist of a leg press bench for working the quadriceps and calf muscles in addition to lat, tricep and grip bars for toning the arms and upper body. The gym will usually have a pulley system designed into the fitness center, so the weight-lifting and resistance mechanisms may be adjusted with heavier or lighter weights.

Multi-gyms utilize fitness equipment.
Multi-gyms utilize fitness equipment.

A multi-gym may also come with several free weights and a detachable bench. This feature allows for the bench to be removed from the system structure. Once the bench has been removed, it may be converted into a standard weight-lifting bench that requires free weight dumbbells.

Multi-gyms may have areas for sparring.
Multi-gyms may have areas for sparring.

Some multi-gyms may come with an attached piece of cardio equipment, such as a spinner for cycling or steps for stair stepping. If cardio equipment is not included in the system, some manufacturers will allow special orders to include it as part of the system. Including a cardio component may significantly increase the price of the multi-gym.

Multi-gyms may have personal trainers on staff to help members make the most of their workouts.
Multi-gyms may have personal trainers on staff to help members make the most of their workouts.

A multi-gym may be designed for single or two-person use. Dual gyms include extra benches and bars, usually adjacent to each other. The weight capacity will vary according to the system. If one user will require weights that are heavier than average, it may be best to check the weight capacity before purchasing.

While multi-gyms may offer the convenience of consistent home workouts, there are certain drawbacks to consider. A multi-gym may be quite expensive, even at its base price. It should be determined if one will realistically use the multi-gym as much or more than a gym membership. If the system is used regularly, it can cost much less than a gym membership and may be a good long-term investment. A fitness center may also be customized to meet individual fitness needs.

Another consideration is the amount of space that a multi-gym requires. Obviously this will vary depending on the size of the machine purchased, but as a general rule these systems tend to take up rather large amounts of space. Before purchasing a multi-gym, it is best to consider if there is a location where it can be placed to allow for ample work-out space.

Multi-gyms may host a variety of exercise classes.
Multi-gyms may host a variety of exercise classes.

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I don't think that a multi-gym is such a bad investment, especially if it's possible to get a used multi-gym that costs less. Advanced athletes might not benefit from it, but it's good equipment for a beginner to get a decent workout from home.


@literally45-- I don't think that multi-gym equipments is worth it. It costs a lot and you can generally achieve the same goals with a set of dumbbells/plates, a straight bench and a pull-up bar or power rack.

The main issue with a multi-gym is that there is a weight limit to it and once you get to that limit, if you can't change the weights, the multi-gym kind of becomes useless. I think free weights are better.

My best friend spent a lot of money on a multi-gym and now he uses free weights.


I'm trying to decide if I should invest in a home multi-gym or not. I do have a gym membership but I rarely go. I feel self-conscious when working out in front of others. I do like working out at home though and have been trying to with free weights almost daily. So if I had a multi-gym at home, I'm sure that I would use it every day.

Does anyone here have a multi-gym? Do you think it was worth the investment?

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