What is a Mower Cover?

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A lawn mower cover is generally thought a good investment for protecting all different kinds of lawn mowers. Mowers are usually expensive items, and they can become vulnerable when exposed to the elements, or when they sit in storage for long periods of time in winter. Keeping mowers covered may guard them from some of the common problems associated with exposure or storage.

There are a few things that can occur when a lawn mower isn’t improperly covered. Mowers in storage may end up being ideal places for things like mouse nests. They can also get mildew. The integrity of some of the parts can be tested with frequent sun exposure or extreme cold exposure too. Naturally getting mowers very wet, as from rain, is not recommended.

Numerous types of the lawn mower cover exist, and they come in lots of sizes to fit many different varieties of mowers. They can be made in a number of different fabrics, which include things like various forms of vinyl or plastic, and some have backings like polyester or cotton. According to some mower experts, using warm fabrics like cotton flannel, even if this only lines the inside of the cover, may more encourage pests during long winter storage.


Each lawn mower cover may have a different fit mechanism. Some have drawstring bottoms that allow people to pull the edges of the cover underneath the mower so that it is completely surrounded by fabric. These may be called a lawn mower wrap.

Other types of covers have an elastic skirt, which provides for easier fitting but that doesn’t fully cover the bottom of the mower. Alternately they may have ties that allow the cover to be securely placed. If the mower is in relatively constant use, as it may be in some climates, these types may be preferred to wraps. Wraps are usually a better choice for long storage.

Some people eschew purchasing a lawn mower cover and make their own or simply cover the mower with a couple of plastic trash bags. Certainly making a cover can be fairly easy, if a person possesses a sewing machine that will sew through plastic or vinyl fabrics. Not all machines will do this effectively.

The trash bag method can work, but it’s hard to secure the bags. They’re also fairly lightweight and certain types of weather might blow them away or leave part of the mower uncovered. Though as a temporary solution, a trash bag lawn mower cover is a good one, over the long term, this may not be the best way to protect a mower.

Fortunately, lawn mower covers are not very expensive. They can usually be purchased for about $30-60 US Dollars (USD), or slightly more for fancier types. Look for them in stores that sell mowers and also online.


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Post 3

I bought a cheap lawn mower cover for my push mower. One day right after I cut grass for a couple hours I noticed that rain clouds were moving in my direction. I covered the mower and pushed it underneath the carport. The carport isn't connected to my house and it has no walls, so rain can blow underneath and reach the mower. That's why I bought the cover.

When I went to remove the cover the next time I wanted to mow the lawn, the cover had melted onto the engine because I hadn't allowed the mower to cool before putting the cover on when I used it last. I know that was my fault, but that is one reason you might want to go with a cover made from a material that won't melt.

Post 2

The more you do to protect your lawn mower or any other machine the longer it will last. This is true 99 percent of the time. Some of the steps some people take when caring for their mowers may seem extreme to you, but those are the people who will have the same mower 20 years later when you have gone through five or six mowers in the same amount of time.

If you can afford the cost, buy a lawn mower cover; if you can't then make something that will do the job and won't cost you anything or at least very little. Like the article says, you can use garbage bags or sew together some fabric and cover the mower. It doesn't have to be pretty as long as it works.

Post 1

I have owned a lot of lawn mowers and I have never bought a lawn mower cover. As long as you keep the engine covered so that the most important parts of the mower won't get wet you are fine. Most people don't leave their mowers unprotected in the middle of the yard anyway.

If you have a garage, barn, carport or some other type of shelter that will be protection enough. I have a friend who keeps her push mower underneath her house.

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