What is a Mosquito Repellent Patch?

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A mosquito repellent patch is a stick-on bandage that is treated with a product designed to help repel mosquitoes and other biting insects, such as gnats and fleas. The patch has a backing that peels to reveal a sticky surface. The product can then be applied directly to a person's skin for protection against insects for as long as 36 hours.

This type of insect repellent is typically sold in boxes that contain two or three patches each. Each patch is generally individually sealed for the user's convenience. Usually, only one patch per adult is needed, and some patches may be cut in half for use on small children.

Aloe, vitamin B1, citronella and garlic are a few of the ingredients typically used in making these patches. These items are thought to be safer than many of the chemicals that are in commercial sprays. Vitamin B1 is typically absorbed naturally by the body, so nutritionists sometimes recommend supplements of this vitamin for persons wishing to repel biting insects. The citronella and garlic ingredients repel mosquitoes by emitting a scent that they find offensive. Aloe Vera may help soothe the skin in the event a bite does occur.


A mosquito repellent patch can usually be used on children or the elderly without any harmful side effects. They may be placed on the arm, back or chest of the user. This patch does not need to be placed on exposed skin but some users may find the patch is more effective when doing so. It is generally very waterproof, yet a user may want to remove this patch before showering or swimming.

The amount of time a person needs to apply this product before going outdoors varies from brand to brand. Some manufacturers produce a product that must be applied at least two hours ahead of time, while others can be applied when needed. An individual should carefully read the package instructions to find out what is recommended for the particular mosquito repellent patch she is using.

There are usually no noticeable side effects as a result of using a mosquito repellent patch. There may on occasion be redness, itching or swelling of the skin at the point of application. If these signs are noticed, users should remove the patch and wash the skin with mild soap and cool water to remove any residue left over from the patch.

Outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a way to repel mosquitoes and other biting insects may find that a mosquito repellent patch is just what they need. This product does not contain harmful chemicals and is not messy or oily. Best of all, one patch can usually last much longer than sprays or lotions, so reapplying the product can usually be avoided.


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Post 2

I've had pretty good luck with the patches. I prefer them to spraying chemicals all over me! Of course, if they don't work for you, that's something else again. I'm glad they work for me. but I guess everyone's body chemistry is different.

I've never had too many problems with mosquitoes, anyway. The natural preparations have always been very effective for me. Maybe I just don't smell good to them. That's my guess, at least. I know they can be very annoying to people who are attractive to them, though. I know it can be tough to be outside too much when you have them swarming around you every time you walk outside.

Post 1

Mosquito repellent patches don't work for me, unfortunately. I have to have the hard stuff -- usually the kind with the "Deep Woods" in the name.

I have to saturate every centimeter of exposed skin with the spray repellent or I will get eaten alive when I go outside in warm weather. Mosquitoes literally swarm me! No kidding! I'll have a whole flock of them around me if I don't bathe in insect repellent. I'll have as many as 10 or 15 bites at once without repellent. Mosquitoes are awful and I hate them.

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