What is a Mooch?

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Almost every person has a friend or family member who is a mooch. A mooch is always borrowing something, whether it is money, food, rides, favors, or lawn equipment. With a mooch, asking to borrow something is a regular, if not everyday, occurrence. There are many things you can do to keep the mooch at bay without being rude or saying something hurtful.

When the freeloader calls to ask for money, try to figure out what he needs it for. If he needs it for a gallon of milk, it would be nice to just go pick him up one. If the money is needed for a night on the town, however, you will only be feeding his habit if you loan it to him. Invite him to watch a movie with you instead. Chance are, he will turn you down and go out anyway.

A majority of mooches try to live outside their means. In order to do this, they need cash. The best thing you can do is set boundaries. A mooch may give false reasons for needing the cash, such as needing to go to the laundromat. Offer the use of your laundry facilities instead, as it will show you care without handing over your money.


If your mooch seems to call at all hours of the day, to either ask for money or share his sad story, try turning off the ringer. Everyone needs quality, uninterrupted time with their family. If it is important, he will leave a message. Be polite and return the call when you have time to devote your full attention to him.

If your mooch seems to make adequate money to pay her bills, she may just have poor money management skills. Take the time, if she is willing, to teach her how to manage her money and account for her spending. If she is unwilling, at least you know that you tried and you won't feel bad not helping her out all the time.

A mooch will only be a mooch if you allow them to. Never help a mooch out with cash, as you don't know what he is using it for. As a friend, you want to be there for him, whenever possible. The best thing you can do is teach him to help himself.


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This makes me think of Cab Calloway's, Minnie the Moocher. It's one of my favorite blues songs and quite a fine mooch video on Youtube.

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