What is a Money Network&Trade; Card?

N. Madison
N. Madison

The Money Network™ card is a debit card, issued by MetaBank™, that a person can use to access money from his paycheck. When a person has this card, his employer adds the money he would normally receive in a paycheck to the card, based on the employee’s scheduled pay date. The employee then has instant access to his money via ATM withdrawals and debit card transactions. The employee can even write a pre-authorized check and cash it to get the money he needs. This card is provided as a convenient way for employees to access their pay.

Employees can access the funds on a money network card during debit card transactions.
Employees can access the funds on a money network card during debit card transactions.

When a person wants a Money Network™ card, there is typically no need for him to be concerned about his credit history. A person doesn’t acquire this card based on his credit score. Instead, to be eligible for this card, a person has to be an employee of a company that offers it as a method of payroll distribution. This means a person can get this type of card even if he has been denied a credit card or turned down for a debit card through another company.

A Money Network card allows a person to access money from his or her paycheck.
A Money Network card allows a person to access money from his or her paycheck.

An individual can typically use his Money Network™ card at an automated teller machine (ATM). He is not limited to using an ATM at a particular bank or in a specific city, however. In most cases, he can use any ATM to access his money. Additionally, a person can usually make use of his card anywhere debit cards are accepted. He may even use it to make purchases or pay bills online.

Money Network Cards put a person's paycheck directly on to a card that can be used at ATM machines or stores.
Money Network Cards put a person's paycheck directly on to a card that can be used at ATM machines or stores.

The money that has been deposited on a person’s Money Network™ card doesn’t usually expire. A person can use some of it and leave the rest of it on his card until he is ready. He may also withdraw the balance of his money through an ATM, though he may be limited in the amount of money he can withdraw each day. He may even withdraw the balance using a pre-authorized check. If desired, a person also has the option of withdrawing the funds on his card through direct deposit to his bank account.

Though the Money Network™ card may be convenient, it isn’t typically free. A person may have to pay a small fee for certain transactions, and ATMs may charge fees for withdrawals as well. An individual may learn about the fees he’ll have to pay by checking the fee schedule his employer provides.

A person can get a Money Network card even if he has been denied credit through another company.
A person can get a Money Network card even if he has been denied credit through another company.
N. Madison
N. Madison

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Money Network is a scam! I have two weeks worth of pay sitting in an account I cannot use. I can log into my account and can view my balance but I cannot activate the card and use. They say my social # is incorrect and that I need to contact my employer and verify that I have already done three times. The thing is, to sign up for the money network website I had to enter my card number and social to view my account, so my social security number worked then? Customer service is all based outside the USA and they want me to fax them a copy of my drivers license and social card. I have used other money cards before with no problems what so ever but with this service I would advise you to avoid!


Funny how some folks say there are "hidden" fees. Maybe if they used their eyes and read some of the information within the Welcome Packet, they would know how to avoid fees. It is built specifically for everyone to avoid fees and can easily be done. Download the Money Network Mobile App. It will locate the nearest In-Network ATM and check cashing location, so you do not have to worry about getting hit with fees. The app is free.


Why would I have received a card in the mail from the MoneyNetwork stating to check their privacy policy at a website address or call the number on the back of my card? I don't have any relationship with Money Network or First Data that I am aware of.


I was just charged $1.50 for checking my account balance at an ATM. I didn't even withdraw any money. My real bank account doesn't charge me to look at my account balance. Complete ripoff! Beware if you are forced into using this stupid thing like I am.


Money Network is the worst card ever. It is horrible to have it. I can't use my money. I have been talking to customer service and they say they haven't received my information. I'm tired of them. I hate them! I need my money back.


It took them a month after I started to finally pay me, and it meant having to borrow money to give my family a nice Christmas. I had to jump through hoops and call my corporate office to complain after the money network disallowed me from activating my card or even contacting their customer service again.

Their phone line is set up so if your card isn't working for whatever reason, you can't call them back. They told me to talk to my employer the first time I reached them, and after that I couldn't talk to their customer service again, even when my employer didn't know the problem or receive a timely response. They basically told me it was my employer's fault, and then told my employer that it was my fault. They told him it was a "lengthy process" to get these things figured out, but from what I read, they take fees immediately every time you swipe your card.

Once they finally got it activated for me, they tried to tell me that the problem had been that I had entered the wrong security code. I was never asked for a security code, only for my social security and card number. Even if I had not looked them up online and read many complaints about them, I would still be switching to direct deposit based solely on this experience, and would run if I ever saw their name on anything in the future, and that includes their owner, Mastercard.

This company cares little for its clients even by bankers' standards, and is nothing but a hidden fee monster. I am disappointed in my company for outsourcing payroll through them, and through a company they have not fully researched.

There are lots of bad reviews on these guys, and I much preferred the days of receiving a paper check to this crap. I suspect that companies must get some sort of kickback for using these types of payroll services, or simply don't bother making sure that the company they are distributing money through is a reputable one.


Can I withdraw money from my money net card if there's no funds in there?


Money Network is a scam. There's hidden fees everywhere. I would recommend direct deposit if you don't already have it. Do not use this card! They make money from each swipe!


I was supposed to get paid today and the money isn't on my money network card. Can anyone tell me why?


@Mammmood - I wouldn’t want to have a Money Network card, personally. I’d be concerned that I wouldn’t budget properly and just start swiping away with the card.

At least with a biweekly check, I can put it in the bank and there is a slight delay before I start using the money.

I can budget and plan how I am going to pay the bills. ATM cards are too easy, for me anyway. But I could certainly understand how that if you couldn’t get a regular bank account set up or your credit wasn’t too good, this might be the way to go.


I love the idea of a Money Network card. It beats the current system I have at work, I think, which is direct deposit.

Actually direct deposit is good in its own way, but I would prefer having the money directly added to my card. That way I can use it right away and I don’t have to check my bank statements online to see if the money is ready.

While I have never used a Money Network card, I did use something similar to it once. When I was on unemployment, the unemployment office sent me a card where they deposited my unemployment money.

It worked just like an ATM card. I loved it. They sent me a notice when the money had been deposited and it worked like clockwork. It was one rare example of the government being efficient.

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