What Is a Modular Granite Countertop?

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A modular granite countertop is generally used in kitchens and is typically strong enough to tolerate the forces of chopping blocks and hot plates, for example. It is usually made of modular squares of granite that can be cut to fit the shape of the space. The material can also be cut to accommodate elements such as sinks. Cutting is sometimes performed before the product is shipped. Installation of a modular granite countertop can be accomplished without professional help; they are usually convenient to clean and resistant to damage by the sun.

The quality of granite in comparison to other countertop materials is preferred because the material is too dense for most substances to create stains. It does not absorb moisture; therefore bacteria do not typically grow. A modular granite countertop is often used in commercial and residential kitchens and can be wiped clean without using chemical formulations. This material is also one of the hardest on Earth, so most kitchen activities will not damage it.


An alternative to the modular granite countertop is a larger slab, which can be more expensive and require the help of an expert to install. Granite is typically heavy, so a large slab can be difficult to carry, while modules are a bit larger than tiles but the weight can be managed by most people. Modular slabs are usually about 1 foot (about 0.3 meters) across. The ability to shape them allows manufacturers to pre-cut parts for corners, edges, and wall borders, supporting many different countertop ideas.

Usually, a modular granite countertop comes with backsplashes. These are often made with different types of granite, and can come in various designs to match the countertop and the rest of the kitchen. A wide choice of colors is often available as well. Their composition makes them resistant to flames, while hot pots and other cooking equipment will not usually leave any marks on the surface.

While a modular granite countertop in general resist stains and damage, some maintenance is needed to keep the finish clean. In the case when a stain does set in, specialized cleaning products may be required, or the surface may have to be cleaned with a polishing powder or diamond abrasive. Most of the time, a modular granite countertop is less expensive than other types of countertops. Manufacturers typically pre-seal the product so it arrives protected and ready to be used in the kitchen.


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Nice post. Modular granite is something in the middle between slab and tile, but tending more towards the tile side.

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