What is a Modern Whig?

Nick Doniger

The Modern Whig party is an American grassroots movement initiated by veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Its party name was taken from the Whig party of the 19th Century, which rejected authoritative rule in the government. The ideals of Modern Whigs cross over both liberal and conservative lines. Members support the rights and responsibilities of states to create fair and unique laws, yet reject legislation of morality. They promote environmentalism, veterans' rights, even-tempered immigration laws, a strong military, and energy independence.

Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party before becoming a Republican.
Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party before becoming a Republican.

In 1834, the early Whig party was established as of the oldest mainstream political parties in American history. Abraham Lincoln and four other United States presidents originally subscribed to this political movement. The party was formed as a reaction to the authority of Andrew Jackson. Its members, while supporting a stable federal government, were against the strong authority of any individual person.

Andrew Jackson was the main foe of the early Whig Party.
Andrew Jackson was the main foe of the early Whig Party.

Pioneered by the veterans of the 21st Century wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Modern Whig party is a politically moderate grassroots movement revitalizing many of the ideals of the early Whigs. The movement was founded in Washington, D.C., but chapters have been established all over the United States. Almost every state currently has a Modern Whig chapter and website.

Party members do not subscribe totally to either U.S. Democratic nor Republican ideals. Rather, the party favors rationality and common sense in the political sphere, and abhors partisanship. Both rejecting the legislation of morality and embracing the the rights of the states, the party creates a dichotomy of values held by both modern liberals and traditional conservatives. Modern Whigs promote fiscal responsibility, the well-being of veterans and military families, powerful national defense, energy independence, and scientific advancement. In June 2010, the American Centrist Party agreed to incorporate into the Modern Whig party.

Modern Whigs fiercely advocate an environment-friendly agenda paired with strong national defense. Independence from foreign oil is one of the pinnacle beliefs of the party. Members fervently support the research and discovery of alternative energy sources, along with many other types of scientific research and advancement.

A complex stance is taken by Modern Whigs regarding immigration laws. While the party believes that illegal aliens crossing into the American border should not be ignored, they do not support enacting large manhunts to distract the government and police forces from other important issues. Rather, the Modern Whig party supports the creation of immigration courts for fair proceedings. They also believe that illegal immigrants, if caught, should be allowed the chance at citizenship following voluntary service for the United States military.

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