What is a Mock Interview?

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A mock interview is one way to prepare for a job interview. It typically entails a consultation and practice interview with a professional coach. It can involve rehearsing different types of interviews or scenarios, in order to prepare a job seeker for various potential situations. In addition to learning how to answer questions, candidates usually receive general tips to increase their self-confidence. Many colleges and universities offer mock interview services through their career counseling offices, while other professional interview coaches typically work for private companies.

The purpose of conducting a mock interview is usually to present standard questions and help the candidate answer them with confidence. One of the main benefits of participating in a mock interview is the availability of feedback and constructive criticism. This can help reduce the interviewee’s nervousness and increase his or her sense of being well-prepared.

Since group interviews are a common hiring practice in many companies, one or more persons might lead the mock interview. Frequently, interview coaches record the session and then review it with the candidate. As a result, the person can identify his or her trouble spots and practice several times to make improvements before the actual job interview.


The types of questions asked in a mock interview usually include those that require knowledge of the field or position. They might also entail behavioral or situational questions, which can assess how a person might handle various challenges. During a mock interview, job candidates are usually expected to ask pertinent questions about the employer, to demonstrate that they have done their research about the position.

In general, the point of a mock interview is not just to ask and answer questions, but also to learn how to interview. Successful interviewing usually includes wearing appropriate attire and practicing acceptable professional etiquette. One example is demonstrating positive body language, such as maintaining eye contact with the interviewer. In most interviews, it is also important to act confident and to clearly articulate one’s resume.

Some interview coaches offer additional services, such as advising a candidate on how to proceed after a job interview. Suggestions in this situation might include sending the interviewer a thank you note and making phone calls with follow-up questions. Coaches may also have recommendations regarding the negotiation of pay and other details, if one is ultimately hired for the position.


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