What is a Mobile Smartphone?

B. Miller

A mobile smartphone is a cell phone with many extra capabilities to make work and life easier. Mobile smartphones were once only popular in the business world, but are now becoming much more common among average cell phone users. Many cell phones can now be classified in the fairly broad mobile smartphone category.

Data can be shared between smartphones without the need for a physical connection.
Data can be shared between smartphones without the need for a physical connection.

A mobile smartphone is a cell phone that provides basic uses such as the ability to place a call, send and receive text messages, make notes of important dates on a calendar and maintain an address book. Additionally, these smartphones are able to access the internet, receive and send e-mail, and edit documents. Some also have MP3 players, GPS navigators, and cameras built in. They offer the ability to send multimedia messages as well, which may include pictures, video or music.

Many commuters make use of their smart phone.
Many commuters make use of their smart phone.

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A mobile smartphone generally runs a proprietary operating system that allows the addition of specific applications. There are also many downloadable applications for smartphones, such as games, news feeds, or stock market trackers, just to name a few. Smartphones may also offer a full QWERTY keyboard or a touchscreen to make typing easier. There are also extra-cost accessories available for smartphones, such as a wireless headset, car charger or case.

In some states, it's illegal to drive while texting on a smartphone because of driver distraction.
In some states, it's illegal to drive while texting on a smartphone because of driver distraction.

Mobile smartphones will be able to connect to your computer, allowing you to easily transfer and sync information and important documents. This is a great time-saver on smartphones. Being able to check the news, view social networks and track the stock market, among many other options, on your mobile smartphone is also convenient during a commute or a business trip.

A smartphone with a touch screen.
A smartphone with a touch screen.

Mobile smartphones are generally more expensive than a standard cell phone. Though the purchase price may be similar initially, especially with the signing of a two-year contract and the rebates that are frequently offered, monthly fees are considerably higher. This is because a data plan is required to access the internet and send and receive e-mails or text messages. If you do not wish to have these extra-cost features, a standard cell phone is a better choice.

Many smartphones include an integrated camera for taking photos.
Many smartphones include an integrated camera for taking photos.

Because mobile smartphones are becoming so popular, prices are becoming more reasonable. Shop around for the best deals and the features you need or want. Some are able to replace their household land lines with cell phones, so even though a mobile smartphone may be more expensive on a month-to-month basis, you may save money by canceling your land line service.

Smartphones enable users to connect to the internet while they're mobile.
Smartphones enable users to connect to the internet while they're mobile.

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Discussion Comments


I want to get a smart phone but I am really confused about my choices. It seems like there are so many different phones, different features, operating systems, data plans, price points and contract agreements. I just want to get one that is cheap and easy and will be there when I need it.

So I am wondering if anyone knows a good resource to help cut through all the sales pitches when it comes to smartphones. I just need good straight forward information and honest evaluations. These phones are expensive. I don't want to get saddled with a junky one.


I don't mean to get too breathless about technology, but I really feel like my mobile smartphone has changed my life. I say this from recent experience. I lost mine and was without a phone for a few days. I felt lost.

And it wasn't just because of I couldn't text or play games or whatever. There was a lot of times when I wanted to look up directions, or store hours or a piece of trivia and I had nowhere to turn.

It is really so convenient. We all know what an incredible tool the internet. Imagine having all of those tools in your pocket at almost any time.


I don't have too many apps on my phone, but having constant access to the internet is the reason I would never give up my smartphone.

A few months ago I was moving to Chicago. I had a place lined up to stay, but didn't have any bedroom furniture.

It was a 5 hour trip from my home to Chicago. During that time, I located some Ikea bedroom furniture on Craigslist for sale.

I made arrangements for a time to meet them after we unloaded my stuff to pick up the furniture.

I also got in touch with a mattress company that would deliver a mattress to my address later on that day.

I would have never been able to do all that if I didn't have access to the internet from my smartphone while we were on the road.


I would be lost without my smartphone and just love it. One of the favorite things about them is how many mobile smartphone applications you can download.

As an example, we recently took a trip to Orlando. When we were getting ready to go to one of the Disney parks, I was able to download a free app on my smartphone.

With this app I could find out how long the lines were at each ride. It also included a map of each park and several other helpful features.

This saved me so much time from walking from one end of the park to another only to find out there was an hour wait for a ride.


Most of my kids have a smartphone, but I just haven't been able to make myself pay the extra fees every month to have one.

My cell phone company charges a minimum of $30 a month just to have the smartphone for the data package.

If I were to get rid of my land line phone, that would more than make up for the extra fee, and I would probably find myself using my cell phone more often. None of my kids have ever had a land line phone once they were on their own.

The only reason I still have my land line is because I live in the county and don't always gets the best cell phone reception in the house.

This keeps getting better though, and I can see myself possibly breaking down and getting a smart phone the next time I renew my contract.

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