What is a Mobile Node?

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Mobile nodes are devices that are capable of connecting to the Internet from a variety of different points of entry. The benefit of this type of Internet-connected device is that persons who are on the go may establish a connection to the Internet from a wide range of locations. Thanks to the presence of a mobile node, it is possible to conduct business or just enjoy browsing the Internet without being confined to the office.

In a broad sense, a mobile node is any mobile device that can be used to make a remote or portable connection to the Internet. Within the scope of that definition, such Internet-connected devices as cell phones, laptop computers, and handheld devices can all be considered examples of a mobile node. In each case, the device contains all the elements necessary to connect with the Internet whenever wired or wireless connectivity is possible at a given location. Depending on the configuration, a router may also be considered a mobile node.


What sets a mobile node apart from the traditional stationary type of Internet-connected device is that the system works around the more traditional type of connectivity. With stationary connections, the routing process makes the assumption that the device will always have the same IP address. In order to circumvent this assumption, the node will employ protocol that makes it possible to connect to the Internet from any location without the need to manually adapt the IP address at the end user level. Software applications such as Mobile IP allow the node to connect through any network and enjoy the benefits of Internet access is a manner that appears to the end user to be no more complicated than connecting from a traditional desktop computer.


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I haven't had the greatest experience trying to connect to the Internet from my phone. I don't have a smartphone; is that part of the reason? My sister has a smartphone and she has trouble connecting to social media sites such as Instagram sometimes.

The internet just seems to work better on a laptop or desktop to me!

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