What Is a Mobile Home Office?

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A mobile home office is a workspace at home. Specifically, it is a home office design that is portable and which allows workers to work from home or work from other temporary locations. In some instances, this term may directly apply to offices that have been established in an actual mobile home, such as a trailer, a camper or another portable living space. Designing a mobile home office requires focused planning and purchasing key home office supplies that can be transported to other locations when and if necessary.

Strategic planning of home office furnishings is central to the overall design of the office. Experts recommend that furnishings be ergonomically sound and serve specific purposes. When possible, those who work in such environments usually prefer that furnishings serve multiple purposes as this reduces the space needed for home office décor without sacrificing function.

When establishing a mobile home office, many self-employed and telecommuting workers cite home office organization as one of the major components to success. Neatly organized furnishings and supplies help in this endeavor. Many have found a paperless office to greatly assist in overall organization in addition to smaller, unobtrusive desks and other home office furnishings.


Many home office environments do not require an entire room, but often function in a dedicated space within a room. For example, a mobile home office may be located inside of a person’s bedroom, in a corner of a family room or even inside of a garage. As supplies are minimal and often meant to be portable, large amounts of space are not necessary.

Telecommuting workers often work in areas other than a home office. An important feature of an office in a mobile home is, therefore, the ease in which a worker can transport supplies and equipment to another location to establish a temporary workspace. Laptop computers, mobile telephone devices and small peripheral devices, such as a portable printer, are usually standard in a portable home office.

It is not unusual for a mobile home office to literally be located within a mobile home. Often referred to as campers or trailers, a mobile home can function as a home as well as a portable office. Many use mobile home offices to provide traveling services, such as pet grooming, catering and computer repair services. Sometimes, people who provide these services also live and work inside of the vehicles, traveling from one location to another.


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