What is a Mobile Dialer?

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A mobile dialer, also called a soft dialer, is an application that allows cell phone users to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls using a mobile phone and an Internet connection. The practice of making and completing calls using this method is often referred to as Mobile Voice Over Internet Protocol (mVoIP or MobileVoIP). A mobile dialer may be used by companies attempting to reduce operational costs or by individuals who simply want to save money on their monthly cell phone bills.

WiFi connections make the prospect of using a mobile dialer a reality for users who may not have static data connections on their cell phone plans. Other services, such as 3G, 2G, General packet radio service (GPRS), and Bluetooth® may also be supported. Recent technological advances have resulted in these networks achieving a status that supports VoIP use and services.


The benefits of using a mobile dialer are numerous. Calls can be made cheaply and efficiently using the dialer. Special equipment like a personal computer or a VoIP device such as an Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA) or Internet Protocol (IP) phone are not required to work a mobile dialer or make a successful call. Since a mobile dialer is dependent on an Internet connection to work, users may roam from location to location and even country to country and still be able to use the dialer as long as an Internet connection is accessible, as through WiFi. Using a dialer may result in significant cost reduction for business operators and the savings can, in turn, be passed onto their clients.

Specific configuration of a mobile dialer is possible. Users may be able to brand the mobile dialer to reflect a company name or other company information. In addition, a dialer's specific features can be customized to the company's or an individual operator's preferences.

Mobile dialers can be downloaded directly onto a mobile phone by establishing an Internet connection on a device and then visiting a website that hosts the preferred software. Users may be prompted to register a user name and a PIN to gain access to the software's functions. To initiate a call, a caller can simply engage in the normal process of entering a country code, area code, and telephone number. The software will respond by connecting the call through the Internet.


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