What is a Mobile Charger?

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A mobile charger is a portable charger that allows users to restore power to their electronic devices. When a consumer decides to purchase a mobile charger, he typically is looking for a mobile phone charger. However, a mobile charger also can recharge a device such as a media player, digital camera or personal digital assistant (PDA).

Mobile chargers allow consumers to charge and use their devices anywhere they go, as long as a power source is available. For this reason, those who wish to purchase a mobile charger should first verify its compatibility with the device. Users should select a mobile charger that is compatible not only with the device's manufacturer but also with its specific model. Though some cell phones technically can be recharged using another model's charger, this practice should be avoided because safety hazards or damage to the device may result.


Though a portable charger's primary function is to recharge devices, certain mobile chargers might offer specific features regarding what devices can be charged, how the devices are charged and how the charges' statuses are monitored. For example, some mobile chargers allow many different devices to be connected and charged on the same charger. If a consumer purchases this type of mobile charger, he might be able to charge cell phones, PDAs, headsets, digital cameras and other electronic devices at the same time. He can accomplish this by using the appropriate adapters and connecting them to the charger's hub. Mobile chargers like these can save a consumer time and money, since he can charge all his devices at once and he won't have to spend money on extra hardware.

Mobile chargers can be compatible with foreign adapter wall plugs. Consumers might also choose to buy a mobile charger that is capable of using Universal Serial Bus (USB) connections to recharge devices. Any device that uses a USB connection, such as a digital camera, PDA or a cell phone, can then be connected through a USB port and charged. This particular feature might appeal to consumers who prefer to have a second way to charge their devices. In addition, mobile chargers also might come with features that allow users to monitor their devices' charging status; these features can help protect their devices from overcharging.

Many consumers buy secondhand mobile chargers to save money. Consumers who choose to buy secondhand chargers must be smart shoppers and ensure that the secondhand chargers they buy are functional and will not damage their devices. Pre-owned chargers might have mechanical problems that can lead to a device's accidental damage or the voiding of warranties.


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