What is a Mini MBA?

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A mini MBA is a type of educational program intended to introduce an individual to business administration concepts. This type of course, however, does not end with the credential of a mini master’s degree in business administration (MBA) or any other type of degree. Instead, it is intended to give individuals either an introduction to the basic concepts that are covered in an MBA program or help them gain skills they can use for their current career goals. In many cases, a mini MBA may be referred to as a crash course in business administration.

Earning an MBA can help a person land a job in a business-related field or even give credibility to a person who wants to strike out on his own in the business world. For many people, however, earning an MBA is too expensive. Others are simply not sure whether they want to commit to a master’s degree program, which may mean spending two to three years on education. In many cases, a mini MBA program only requires a student to commit to about 10 weeks of learning. Additionally, these programs, which are typically offered by colleges and other education institutions, are usually much less expensive that MBA programs.


Usually, a mini MBA program provides a sort of introduction or overview of concepts that are considered critical for a person’s success in the business world. These programs often cover topics in finance, accounting, marketing, corporate strategy, and economics. Mini MBA programs are meant to give students the training they need to understand the basics of financial accounts and a variety of economic issues. They are also intended to instill statistical analysis skills and help students understand principles of marketing. Often, mini MBA programs include topics on human resource management and organizational practices.

While a mini MBA may help a person to decide whether enrolling in an MBA program is right for him, this type of program may also help those who have been laid off from their jobs. Completing such a program may help a person develop skills that many employers seek in job candidates. As such, a mini MBA program may help a person not only land a new job, but also find a better job or enter a new field. Additionally, this type of program may prove beneficial for an individual who is taking on more management responsibilities in his current position.


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If you are a seasoned professional in the midst of a great career, an executive MBA may be a great option for you. Most of the top MBA schools, including Harvard, offer these programs. They are significantly shorter than the full MBA program and you can still learn a lot and build a great network of other business professionals.

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