What Is a Micro Peel?

A micro peel is a type of chemical skin peel that is used to soften and smooth the skin, typically on the face, chest or hands. It involves the use of a chemical solution applied to the skin to remove the damaged outer layers. A micro peel does not penetrate as deeply as some other types of chemical peels, so it is not used to for major skin corrections, such as scars or deep wrinkles. The peel is usually used in conjunction with other skin care treatments.

The potential benefits of a micro peel include softer skin, a smoother skin surface, smaller pores, and a more even skin tone. In some people, the peel can reduce the appearance of very find lines and wrinkles, but typically, a stronger peel is needed for those corrections. A dermatologist can help determine if a micro peel can achieve a patient’s expected results.

The micro peel procedure is performed in a doctor’s office by a skin care technician or nurse. The entire procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish. The first step involves removing the dead skin cells through a painless process called dermaplaning, which uses a razor to “shave” off the dead cells. Next, the glycolic acid solution is applied to the skin being treated. This may cause a mild burning or itching sensation, but it usually resolves quickly.

After the peel, a moisturizing cream is applied to prevent dryness. In some cases, dry ice or other stimulants may be applied. Unlike other chemical peels, there is no extended recovery time following a micro peel, and patients can resume using makeup right away. While most patients won't notice any ongoing redness after the procedure, those with fair skin may experience a red complexion for about a day. In rare cases, severe skin irritation can occur.

The effects of the micro peel become evident about two weeks after the first peel, once the dead skin cells have had a chance to shed fully. In order to achieve optimal results, about six peels, each scheduled two weeks apart, are typically required. After that, maintenance peels are usually performed every one to three months. Those unable to return for maintenance peels can expect results to fade after approximately six months.

The average cost of a micro peel ranges between $60 and $100 US Dollars (USD), and health insurance rarely covers the treatments. The number of peels required to reach optimal results should be taken into consideration, and brings the average overall cost to between $420 and $700 USD for the original cycle, and a total of $1020 to $1700 USD per year, including the original treatments. This cost may not include office fees, so patients should ask for a full break down of the total costs before committing to the treatments.

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Having a micro peel is a great way to feel rejuvenated. With no down time or pain, a micro peel is a great option to give your skin a youthful glow. In comparison to other cosmetic procedures, the micro peel is also a more affordable option for those who want a non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

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