What Is a Micro Mini Skirt?

T. Alaine

A micro mini skirt is an even shorter version of the popular mini skirt style. Mini skirts are, as the name suggests, very small skirts usually worn by young women. A micro mini skirt pushes the boundaries of the original mini skirt even further by boasting an even shorter and more revealing hemline.

Micro minis are sexiest when paired with pantyhose and high heels.
Micro minis are sexiest when paired with pantyhose and high heels.

Mini skirts, whose hemlines rise far above the knees, were initially worn by women as rebellion against standards of modesty that repressed female sexuality by mandating fuller coverage. These mini skirts, in turn, followed up with hemlines that, most of the time, barely cover the buttocks. While the length of the skirt is quite sparse, there are no limits on the volume of the garment; these tiny skirts can be skin tight or pleated and puffy.

Some teens and young women may wear micro mini skirts against their parents' wishes.
Some teens and young women may wear micro mini skirts against their parents' wishes.

The micro mini skirt is most commonly associated with overt displays of attractiveness and sexuality. Popular examples of micro minis are the skirts worn by some professional cheerleaders and musicians. Other examples can include costumes, lingerie, or outfits sometimes seen in high-fashion spreads or runway shows. The skirts lend themselves well to these extreme, situation-specific styles, because they can be risky to incorporate into a daily wardrobe. Generally, the daily use of the micro mini skirt is limited, as its extreme brevity of length makes it inappropriate for most school dress codes and places of employment.

Some women, especially young women, are sometimes able to find a place for these skirts in their wardrobes. Nightclubs and bars that emphasize youth and sexuality tend to welcome exaggerated styles such as the micro mini skirt. These venues provide the opportunity for items like micro minis that are generally considered too bold for daytime wear to make appearances.

Practically speaking, micro minis are also difficult to wear in instances that require a wide range of motion, unless modesty is to be compromised. Dressing down a micro mini to make it appropriate for less adventurous styles or situations can be possible. If the skirt is long enough to reach past the buttocks, solid color, opaque stockings or tights can provide extra coverage. Exceptionally short skirts might be paired with leggings, which are thicker than stockings, or even pants, to make them more acceptable for daytime wear. Pairing a micro mini with flat shoes or boots and a loose-fitting, modest top can also make the outfit less risqué and give the garment more versatility.

Pairing micro-mini skirts with thick tights and boots can make the outfits less risque.
Pairing micro-mini skirts with thick tights and boots can make the outfits less risque.

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In addition to a micro mini, another style that I think is too risque is the pleated mini skirt. I know things like cheerleader uniforms include these, but in everyday wear they just fly up, get caught, and otherwise cause problems.


I like to wear mini skirts and micro mini skirts with tights in the fall and winter. I am short, so if I find the right style it is not too revealing and can also still look good with my (admittedly) shorter legs. I also try to wear them with shoes that lengthen the leg, like tall heels or flat boots that go at least to the knee- these two styles look best to make legs look longer with a mini, in my opinion.

However, I would never wear micro minis without something underneath, because it is just too easy to have, for lack of a better word, accidents.


@Oasis11 - I personally don’t like the micro mini skirt at all. It is a little too revealing and I know that I would be self conscious in a mini skirt like this.

I also feel that tops that are too low cut also send the wrong message because if the top is too revealing people are not going to be taking you serious.

If you meet a guy, you want to have conversation with you. You don’t want him to staring at your chest all night. I think that the micro mini skirt has the same effect in my opinion. I know that many people may disagree, but I guess I am a little old fashioned. I mean would you see Kate Dutchess of Cambridge in a micro mini shirt photo?


@Cupcake15 - I agree and I think that some women really make themselves look older by trying to wear clothes that are not age appropriate.

I think that just because you workout everyday and have a great shape doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good idea to where a pleated micro mini skirt.

I think that you can still where sexy clothing when you are older, but you should consider more sophisticated clothing that make you look classy.


I wanted to say that I have seen micro min skirt photos on models and they look fine on them. I think that micro minis are really for very thin and tall women that are also in their twenties.

I think that these types of women can wear these short mini skirts and get away with it. I think that when you get older especially after you have had children, it really doesn’t look appropriate and you are better off with more modest clothing instead.


@JessicaLynn - I don't see the harm in young girls wearing micro mini skirts to the club as long as they have the body for it. You only live once right? You might as well show off your figure while you can!


In my opinion there is pretty much no place for micro mini skirts in regular life. I guess they're OK for cheerleaders; after all, they do wear little shorts under them.

But even at the club, I think it looks just scandalous. I could never walk around in public with my behind hanging out like that!

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