What is a Mesh Connectivity Layer?

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Mesh connectivity layers are innovations in computer technology that make it possible for an end user to make a connection with a wireless mesh network. The purpose of this connection is to make use of wireless mesh networks that utilize Wi-Fi or WiMAX as a means of accessing the Internet. Configured to work with Microsoft based operating systems, the mesh connectivity layer helps to create a stable link via the network that allows the user to enjoy browsing the Internet from a number of locations.

The components in a mesh connectivity layer, or CML, are fairly straightforward. The system will include a loadable Windows driver. This loadable driver functions as a virtual network adaptor, helping the connectivity layer make the connection to the mesh network. Line Quality Source Routing is the routing protocol of choice for the mesh connectivity layer. LQSR is a specialized routing alternative developed by Microsoft to provide the same type of functionality as provided by dynamic source routing.

Once connected to the wireless mesh network via the mesh connectivity layer, it is possible to make use of a T1 connection or broadband satellite to complete the process of accessing the Internet. Assuming that the established connection is stable, the end user will enjoy connectivity that is on a par with cable modems and other high-speed types of Internet access.


Advantages of the mesh connectivity layer include both personal and business applications. For persons who live in areas that do not have access to DSL or cable modem connections, the ability to use a mesh connectivity layer to connect with a wireless network can mean enjoying faster connections than can be achieved with dial-up Internet services.

For businesses, the mesh connectivity layer offers the potential to allow individuals that are on site to enjoy the benefits of Internet access without the need to set up equipment for multiple wired connections. A good example of this type of application would be a coffee shop or local bistro that wishes to provide customers with the ability to use their laptops to browse the Internet while enjoying a cup of coffee.


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