What Is a Meditation Pyramid?

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A meditation pyramid is an open structure designed using the same angles as the Egyptian pyramids. Materials such as copper, aluminum or wood are used to build the framework, and the sides are left open. People who advocate their use claim they enhance the quality of meditation. The person meditating sits within the open pyramid with their head beneath the apex of the pyramid. Most meditation pyramids can easily be disassembled, making them portable.

Those who believe in the ability of pyramids to concentrate or focus cosmic energy state that the shape is what is important, not the materials. A properly constructed pyramid, using the same geometry employed in the Egyptian pyramids, can be made of anything and still be effective. Some proponents, though, specify preferred materials and colors. Advocates of using a meditation pyramid believe the energy is particularly concentrated at a level of one-third the height of the pyramid. This roughly correlates with the position of the King’s Chamber in the Cheops pyramid, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Specific instructions about the placement and use of meditation pyramids differ. Many believe the pyramid should not only have the same angles as the Cheops pyramid, but also the same orientation. Again, instructions vary with some saying alignment with true north is optimal and others using magnetic north to orient the pyramid. Others say it is the person who should align with true north. Proximity to electrical equipment is sometimes discouraged and sometimes encouraged.


The benefits of using a meditation pyramid are said to be many. It is said that the part of the body in the area of greatest energy will feel a pleasant tingling and warmth. The meditation pyramid helps attain a sense of deep calm and peace while meditating inside. Concentrated cosmic energy is thought to increase the opening of the mind so meditation is more beneficial. The pyramid is also said to increase health and energy levels.

Not only used for meditation, these pyramids are believed to enhance dreaming and studying. Advocates of their use state that plants grow more abundantly inside a pyramid. The structure is also believed to enhance water, energize aluminum and preserve food. Some say a pyramid capped with copper or a crystal is even more powerful at concentrating energy and thus, more beneficial. For every benefit touted by pyramid users, there are others who have conducted informal experiments refuting the benefits.


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Post 3

One does not need to sit inside a large pyramid to benefit from their energy. Small, stone pyramids could also be used for this purpose. I have seven, small solid stone pyramids that I place around me while I meditate. They work just as well.

Post 2

I recently started meditating with a pyramid and I do feel that it helps. I feel calmer overall, more balanced and more aware of my senses. My meditations have also improved in quality and I feel that I am able to access my third eye chakra, or sixth sense.

The pyramid is interesting because it seems to help my function in different ways. For example, if I'm stressed and worried, I can use the pyramid to calm down and relax. If I'm confused and having trouble concentration, I can use the pyramid to focus and concentrate on whatever I need to do. So I feel that I have more power over my mind.

Post 1

As far as I know, the different energy inside pyramids were discovered when scientists saw that it takes much longer for food to go bad inside pyramids. So it is believed that pyramids preserve whatever is inside them. Meditating inside a pyramid shape is encouraged for this reason. Not only does the pyramid help the individual gain and preserve their focus, the energy of the pyramid has many benefits for the psychological and health of the person.

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