What is a Meditation Cushion?

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A meditation cushion is a type of small, firm floor pillow used to help meditation practitioners get comfortable for a regular practice. It can help to relieve pain in the hips, back, and legs from sitting on the floor for a long period of time, and can improve posture and help to straighten the spine while meditating. A meditation cushion can be purchased in stores online, and many people purchase a smaller version to use while traveling. They are available in a number of different colors and shapes to suit different needs or preferences.

The most common type of meditation cushion is a small, round pillow, though they are also available in rectangular or half-moon versions. A small meditation bench or chair might also feature cushions for comfort, but these are not typically referred to as meditation cushions. The pillows are designed to be firm so they provide adequate support; a pillow that is too soft will generally not function well for this kind of use. Different colors or patterns are available to match yoga mats or simply color preferences for decor in the home. The fabric used is typically a thicker fabric than on most pillowcases, and is more like the type of fabric found on floor cushions or patio cushions.


Comfort is the main point of a meditation cushion. Some people who have tight hamstrings or hip flexor muscles find that sitting in a cross legged position is quite uncomfortable, or even impossible. Elevating the hips with a cushion such as this helps to open the hip flexors into a more comfortable position, allowing practitioners to focus on meditating, rather than on their own discomfort. Some people also find that using a meditation cushion helps them to keep their spine in better alignment while still sitting cross legged on the ground.

There are a number of reasons to use a meditation cushion if it is necessary. Feeling comfortable during a meditation practice can make an individual more likely to meditate regularly, and for a longer period of time. A comfortable position also allows individuals to focus more deeply on other aspects of meditation such as quieting the mind, focusing on a particular intent, or controlling the breath. In lieu of an actual meditation cushion, a folded blanket can help to create the same effect, and may be another option to use while traveling if you don't want to pack the cushion.


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Moonleap cushions are really great cushions. They support your back properly and stop your legs from going numb, which tends to happen with a lot of standard cushions.

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