What is a Master Bedroom?

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Often defined as the largest bedroom in the home, the master bedroom is normally occupied by the person or persons who serve as the heads of the household. It normally includes more amenities than smaller bedrooms in the home, and may include additional spaces that are directly accessible from the interior of the space. When this is the case, this bedroom is sometimes referred to as a master suite or an ensuite.

Master bedrooms often are spaces large enough to include more than a standard bed, dresser, and chest of drawers. They often include a vanity, a small conversation area, or a chaise that is ideal for taking a nap or reading a book. The main point of the bedroom is to create a haven or sanctuary for the heads of the household. This can be particularly important when the home includes children. It may become a place where the mother and father can retire for private time, or enjoy a short break from family activities.

In many homes, the master bedroom will include additional closet space. It is not unusual for the main bedroom to have one large closet, or two ample closets. When two closets are present, they are often referred to as his and her closets. In master suites where a private bath is included, a dressing room often acts as the connecting space between the bedroom proper and the bath and shower space.


The exact size of the master bedroom will vary from one home to another. Some experts define it as being any bedroom with at least seventy square feet of floor space in the main body of the room. However, others are content to award the status to the single largest bedroom in the home, or simply to identify the master bedroom as the bedroom for the owners of the space regardless of whether it is the largest bedroom in the home or not.


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Post 3

@ Babalaas- That does sound very over the top, but I guess when people have money they need to find something to do with it. I agree with Amphibious54 that I wouldn't be able to live in a place like that, but I would love to be able to design my own modern contemporary master bedroom. I only need one room, but a nice loft with lots of space and a great bathroom would be nice.

Post 2

@ Babalaas- That sounds a little tacky to have all of that in a master bedroom. I do not think I could live in a place like that even if I had the money. I am sure the designer of the master bedroom would consider that a master suite.

Post 1

I was watching a show recently on the most expensive rooms, and the show featured a master bedroom design that cost more than six million dollars. Personally, I thought the extravagance was sickening, but a few features were well appointed. The room was over six thousand square feet, and was in a house, or should I say 13-bedroom castle, in England.

The room had a huge bathroom with a marble mosaic floor. The bathroom had its own balcony that overlooked an indoor pool, one of four in the house and eight on the property. It was more like a master bedroom suite, and could have easily been a house on its own, but the entire room (if you can even

call it that) is accessed only through the bedroom door. The only piece of the room that I thought was nice was a wall sized handmade marble mosaic. The homeowner said the mosaic took about five years to produce, and was one of the most expensive pieces of the room.

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