What is a Marketing Promoter?

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A marketing promoter is someone who promotes a product, service, venue, or concept to potential consumers or clients. Marketing promoters can work in a wide variety of industries. They may enter the profession through work experience, finding employment in marketing departments and slowly gaining skills which allow them to work as promoters, or they may attend college or university to get a formal education in marketing promotion. Marketing promoters are key to the success of companies ranging from exclusive clubs to manufacturers of TV dinners.

Like other people in the marketing field, a marketing promoter wants to get members of the public familiar with the product he or she represents, creating a positive image and leading consumers to use that product. Marketing promoters help to organize marketing campaigns, keeping the mission statement and tone of the company in mind, and they also establish a wide variety of personal connections which they can use for promotions. The promoter often has a great deal of influence over the image, tone, and style of the company.

A marketing promoter might work with the film and television industry to get products placed in movies and television shows. Marketing promoters can also work for entertainment venues, making bookings and establishing connections which allow them to book highly desirable acts. A marketing promoter can also arrange a variety of advertising campaigns, from decorating bus shelters to coordinating events with community charities to promote a company's public image.


Connections are key for a marketing promoter. While an innovative mind and creative skills are desirable so that the promoter can come with promotions which are unusual and distinctive, it is connections which will allow a promoter to succeed in the industry. Connections can be valuable for everything from cutting through bureaucratic red tape in a city where a promoter wants to hold an event to getting a famous athlete to endorse a company's product.

Marketing promoters need to be constantly on the lookout for new connections, new talent, and new ideas. They may spend a great deal of time cultivating connections in phone calls, at private lunches, and at social events. As a result, a marketing promoter needs to have excellent people skills and a professional, appropriate presentation at all times. Work in this field can be highly demanding, as promoters can work long hours and they need to be able to travel, adjust their hours to deal with specific events, and deal with difficult clients, all with a smile.


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Post 3

In this day and age, a successful company has to focus on developing strong promotional marketing. If you can’t get consumers to pick your products over another’s, you aren’t going to get very far. Promo Magazine published a report showing statistics that claim over two-thirds of all firms use promotional marketing as part of there total marketing strategies.

Surprisingly, giving away free items can be one of the strongest forms of promotional marketing. There was an author who wrote a book and gave copies away for free in digital format. This generated so much interest that people bought the hard cover. Enough copies were sold that the book made it on to Amazon’s top ten list.

Post 2

I have a friend who is a business promoter for clubs in San Diego. He actually started the business himself and over the past five years has become pretty successful. I can’t count the times I have seen him networking and handing out business cards to anyone that would listen.

He also uses social networks to hit certain demographics via the internet. He makes sure to put up photos on his page and tag people to get the word around even more. He has also relied a lot on word of mouth.

His friends who have supported him make sure to drop his company name in situations where someone might be looking for promotion for their club. It really does pay to have connections and keep a positive public image.

Post 1

My sister works in the internet marketing and promotion business. She spends a lot of time making sure her efforts will be successful. She has made it a point to join forums focusing on her company’s websites to plug links back to the home page.

The forums have also been instrumental in keeping up with questions and concerns people have about the subject and products involved. Keeping up with questions the consumers have is a good way to focus your marketing in the right direction.

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