What is a Marketing Encyclopedia?

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Marketing encyclopedias are online resources that all access to a wide range of electronic collateral and data that can be used by salespersons to help a client make a purchase decision. Often containing such key marketing materials, a marketing encyclopedia is usually accessed with the use of authorized credentials that are issued by the owner of the database to employees who are engaged in selling the goods and services offered by the company. A marketing encyclopedia may be designed with sections that are for use within the company, as well as the public sections that contain sales collateral and similar material.

When it comes to sales aids, a marketing encyclopedia will often contain a wide range of brochures, flyers, product information sheets, and notifications of discounts or special offers that the salesperson may offer to consumers. The materials are normally created in formats that can be easily viewed or printed for immediate distribution. Often, the sales collateral in a marketing encyclopedia can also be attached to an email and forwarded to a customer who has expressed interest in a product or service offered by the company.


Along with sales documents, a marketing encyclopedia can also include more detailed information that is used by marketing and sales professionals within the company. This may include internal documents used to track the sales process, including recording completed sales. White papers that are used for the development of marketing campaigns or as part of the development process for new products may also be included. When available, a marketing encyclopedia may also include documents regarding competitors, such as comparisons between the competition and the goods and services offered by the company.

Overall, a marketing encyclopedia helps to provide a central repository for information and documents that can help to advance the financial goals of the company. While the exact structure of the database will vary from one company to another, the use of a central database to house the information makes it possible for both local and remote sales and marketing professionals to access, print, and add to the data when necessary.


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