What is a Marketing Consulting Firm?

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Marketing consulting firms are businesses that are dedicated to helping clients understand the nature of the markets where they attempt to do business. Consulting firms of this type have the goal of assisting clients to identify key consumer markets that are of interest, determine how to reach those markets effectively, and learn how to grow market share within those sectors of consumers. It is not unusual for a management consulting firm to go as far as to help design a complete advertising campaign for the business, or to function as the liaison with an advertising agency to create the ideal campaign.

In some cases, a marketing consulting firm will specialize in a particular section of the business community. For example, the firm may focus their attention on assisting clients who are involved in clothing retail to increase market share by way of new clothing lines and ad campaigns. When this is the case, the consultants working for the firm normally have extensive experience working in the clothing industry, or providing marketing support to other businesses engaged in the manufacture and sale of different types of clothing.


A marketing consulting firm may also provide services to a wide range of clients. Many firms of this type are structured with specific teams who have collective expertise associated with different industry types. These teams often include professionals on the teams who can identify strategies to help clients identify new markets as well as exploit existing ones to best advantage.

Choosing the right marketing consulting firm can be a difficult process. The nature of the working relationship will require that the marketing consultants have access to information that is often considered proprietary. For this reason, it is important to go with a firm that has a reputation for being highly ethical, especially in terms of how and when that proprietary information is used.

Another important consideration when choosing a marketing consulting firm is how honest the consultants will be with the client. Ideally, the consulting team must be able to speak freely and frankly about what they see in terms of current marketing efforts, the general organization of the sales effort, and the processes in place for the delivery of goods and service to customers. When a firm tends not to provide frank and honest criticism of the current status of the client’s efforts, the relationship is likely to end in failure.

Above all, finding the right marketing consulting firm involves contracting with consultants that have experience with the client’s industry, know how to reach consumers, and can work closely with company employees to create and implement the necessary marketing strategies. A lack of expertise or an inability to work with key company personnel will accomplish nothing other than waste the resources of the client, and yield little to nothing in the way of increased market share.


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A marketing consultant firm also provides all the advice, thoroughly considered effective by the consultant, for the client with all kinds of activities needed to be done to achieve the target.

For example, a marketing consultant firm may offer activities like developing a website for the client's current 'weak' website, promoting the client with PR tools, recommending how the product life cycle will be, etc. However, it is a different story for when it comes to a question "Should I take your advice?" of a client.

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