What is a Map Coffee Table?

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A map coffee table is a type of low table that is often placed in front of a couch in a living room or family room, featuring a map on the surface of the table rather than a plain wood or glass surface. A map coffee table is often a glass-topped coffee table; the map is placed under the glass, and the coffee table may be used as normal without fear of damaging the map. Some coffee tables also just feature a map underneath a clear glaze, to protect the map without using glass.

A table like this is a great addition to many different styles of decor and rooms. They may be purchased in stores, or may be hand-made and personalized with a little effort. There are instructions to be found online for making a map coffee table, and some people even choose to create a collage of maps for the surface of the coffee table. This type of coffee table can have a modern or a vintage look, depending on the materials used to create the coffee table, as well as the style of maps used.


One of the most common kinds of map coffee table is made of wood; these may feature extra benefits such as storage drawers. It is possible to use wood to get either a modern or an antique look, simply by altering the finish of the wood and the style of the hardware on the piece, as well as the shape of the table overall. Modern styles typically are fairly simple, without a lot of ornate details. Iron or metal coffee tables are also somewhat more modern looking, and are usually more basic, often featuring a simple glass top. Any of these designs can become a map coffee table.

Vintage or antique maps are a great choice when creating a map coffee table. These may often be purchased for a fairly low price either online or at flea markets, and are often very colorful and interesting to look at, creating a nice focal point for the table. This can also be a great way to remember a fun family event; for instance, some people choose to create a map coffee table using a map from a recent vacation or another significant location for the family, and then add family photos around the map to make it even more personal. Of course, it is also possible to simply purchase a pre-made coffee table that already features a map on the surface.


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