What is a Mango Slicer?

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Sometimes referred to as a mango splitter, the mango slicer is a handy kitchen utensil that is used to slice a mango into two sections, allowing for easy removal of the fruit pit that is found at the center of the fruit. Simple to use and easy to clean, the mango slicer makes it possible to prepare raw mangoes without creating a large mess to clean.

Mango slicers are usually made of stainless steel. Resembling an apple slicer, the mango slicer is constructed to create two even sections, while removing the center pit from both sections. Handles are found on each side of mango splitters, making it easy to position and control the slicer during use. Because the entire utensil is made of durable material, the mango slicer can be washed in a sink in soapy water, or placed into a dishwasher.


Using a mango slicer is a simple process. The unpeeled mango is placed on a hard surface, such as a cutting board. While holding the mango in place with one hand, the mango slicer is centered on the body of the mango, with care to work from the end that is opposite the stem of the fruit. Once the mango slicer is in position, place both hands on the handles and press down. The slicer will move through the body of the fruit, splitting the mango into two more or less equal portions. At the same time, the mango slicer separates the area around the pit from the two portions.

The mango slicer can be purchased at a number of restaurant supply stores as well as fine kitchen shops. In general, the price for a mango slicer is very reasonable. Given the fact that the utensil makes the preparation of mangoes a much easier and cleaner process, the mango slicer is often considered to be well worth the modest cost.


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Post 2

oxo makes a wonderful mango slicer. It cost 17 dollars or so (or perhaps 14)--but it is very much worth it to me. I love a good mango! They make it fun and easy.. much better than doing it by hand. you still have to separate the skin from each side, and this can be done either by using a vegetable peeler (or a sharp knife used in much the same fashion) or by slicing a grid into the mango half (being careful not to pierce the skin) and then turning the half inside out. The latter works best when the mango is somewhat ripe, but that's more a rule of thumb than a requirement. Enjoy!

Post 1

I love mangoes, but to cut them is quite a challenge. It tends to be messy job, and the pieces that I end up with do not look clean cut. I am glad there is a gadget that helps this process.

I have used apple slicers, and they work very well for me. I guess mango slicer is somewhat similar to an apple slicer, except it has to be formed so that the mango pit can pass through the center of the slicer.

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