What Is a Mango Martini?

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A mango martini is an alcoholic beverage typically made with mango rum, triple sec, and various fruit juices. In general, martinis may also include vodka, gin, or vermouth. Juices added to a mango martini often include lemon, lime, and cranberry juices. Sliced or pureed mangos can be added to the beverage and will enhance the fruity flavor. Crushed ice is also used in the martini, but it is important that the ice does not dilute the drink.

To make a mango martini, one must start by placing crushed ice into a martini shaker. The rum, juices, and other alcoholic ingredients are then added and everything is shaken until well-mixed. The alcoholic mixture is then added to a martini glass and served soon after. Mango slices or pureed fruit are typically the last ingredients added to the drink and must be included after it has been mixed and poured into the glass. Many prefer to chill the martini glass before serving.

This type of martini is generally popular at summer parties, beach gatherings, or other special celebrations. The tropical cocktail can be consumed during any time of year and during any occasion, however. Non-alcoholic versions of the drink can be created using seltzer water and juice instead of alcohol, as well.


The ingredients of a mango martini can be varied and many like to use certain mixtures that they prefer. Most tropical martini drinks include rum and triple sec as the main components, but it is not uncommon to use vermouth, vodka, gin, and seltzer water in the martini. Fruit juices such as lemon, lime, white grape, pineapple, cranberry, and orange juice are usually added to the mango martini. If mango-flavored rum or vodka is not used in the beverage, pureed mangos or mango juice will be needed to add the right flavor to the drink.

There are several variations of the mango martini that can be created, and one can even add chili paste or powder to the mix for a spicier version of the drink. Vermouth is usually used if the drinker prefers a martini that is not too sweet and has a more subtle taste. Triple sec can also be substituted with premium orange liqueur or pineapple liqueur. The rim of the glass can be dipped in sugar for a sweeter taste, and garnishments such as lemon zest and fresh pineapple wedges can also be used.


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