What Is a Management Process?

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The term "management process" describes the set of systems a manager uses to organize and control the processes of an organization. These can include manufacturing, human resources, communication, or project processes. A professional who manages processes normally attempts to develop and optimize processes that can enable his or her business to be most profitable and to cut cost to the greatest extent. A management process often originates at the executive level and is followed by middle managers and supervisors who communicate with executives. This is a broad term, however, and while executives may decide on overarching principles, it is not uncommon for department leaders to implement their own processes.

When a management process is applied to manufacturing, it often begins with engineers and designers. A process may dictate which kinds of software designers can use to develop models and which programs engineers may use to create formulas. Likewise, a process may also direct workflow. In other words, it can provide a framework for how orders are sent from one department to another and which positions are responsible for overseeing completion of orders.

A manufacturing process developed by management is also responsible for controlling productivity. Speed of production and the numbers produced may be determined by executive orders. Executives normally base their decisions on budget and demand.


Human resources is a department responsible for communicating with employees. Professionals in this department may also be responsible for developing tests and interview strategies, as well as curricula for training of new employees. A management process that oversees human resources may determine factors such as qualifications for job candidates, training overview, and procedure for working with troubled or unhappy employees.

Communication in a business is often guided by a management process. Networking of computers, servers, and Internet may be determined by Information Technology (IT) managers. They may also develop plans that describe steps for repairing and troubleshooting software and hardware. Updates and required capabilities of communication technology may also be guided by management processes.

A particular type of management process is often required for specific projects. A project in business refers to work needed to reach a specific goal in a set period of time. For example, if an executive decides that he or she would like to implement a new software system that improves workflow, he or she might create a management process that documents departments where new software first is introduced. A process usually includes a budget and can require a manager to make changes to a budget as new challenges occur.


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