What is a Man Cave?

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While traditional home floor plans from the 1950s or 1960s may have included a den, rumpus room or workshop, many modern homes now allow for a dedicated recreational space known as a man cave. A man cave is different from a family den or game room because its contents are geared specifically towards typically male pursuits, such as televised sports, alcohol consumption and channel surfing. A man cave's appeal lies in its isolation from the rest of the home and all the responsibilities contained therein.

Some homeowners will convert underutilized basement space to create a man cave, while others will consider an attached garage, an unfinished attic or spare bedroom as a potential man cave. Only a few ambitious homeowners would ever consider adding a formal addition to an existing home in order to create such a dedicated space. It is also vital to select an area where utilities such as electrical outlets, water supplies and drains can be installed easily.

A typical man cave serves a number of different purposes for men. One area may be considered the media room, since it contains a large screen television, a state-of-the-art music system, and/or electronic game consoles. This space may also house a computer for Internet surfing, or a collection of movies on DVD. Furnishing for the media side of a man cave may be a single oversized couch or a strategically placed recliner.


Another area of a man cave often serves as an adult concession stand. A small but well-stocked wet bar with limited seating is not unusual to find in man caves. There may also be a refrigerator for other beverages and perishable food items, along with a dry pantry for chips and other snacks. This area may also feature a regulation pool table, arcade games, a ping-pong table or Foosball table. Dart boards are also popular items in a man cave.

If a homeowner is a collector, then a certain portion of a man cave may be dedicated to the display of his collection, whether it be sports memorabilia or toys or antiques. Some men may choose to convert part of a man cave into a workshop in order to pursue a hobby such as woodworking or car restoration. There are few limitations on what purposes a man cave can be used for, and there are no rules against dedicating a similar space to the women of the house as well.


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Post 2

There's an actual man cave store in my town that sells a lot of man cave essentials, like pool tables and jukeboxes. When we moved into our new house, I found the ideal man cave site upstairs and got almost all of my furniture and decorations from that store. I'm not really into sports, but I like to invite my musician buddies over for jam sessions. I keep one fridge stocked with beverages and another stocked with snacks.

Post 1

My wife has finally agreed to let me convert our finished basement into a man cave. I can't wait to get started on installing all the man cave essentials. I've already bought a large screen TV, and I've had two lounge chairs in storage forever. I know a good man cave has neon signs everywhere, so I'm going to start looking for some good ones at antique stores and yard sales. I also want to install a few display cases for my baseball card and sports memorabilia collections.

Fortunately there are some water lines and a drain already installed in what would have been a laundry room, so I can put in a wet bar and a kitchen area in that corner. I like to play poker, so I'll need a card table and chairs, too. I can't wait until it's finished.

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