What is a Mall Kiosk?

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A mall kiosk is a small retail booth located in the aisle of a shopping mall. A relatively recent innovation in the world of retail, the mall kiosk is now ubiquitous in shopping centers throughout the United States. A retailer typically owns a mall kiosk, while the similar mall cart is usually rented. Since they appeared in the 1990s, mall kiosks have undergone a number of changes, and they are now available in a much greater variety of shapes and styles than they once were.

The mall kiosk takes advantage of foot traffic in shopping malls and seeks to attract impulse buyers. The owner of a mall kiosk can display his or her wares to the public without the necessity of enticing people inside a storefront. Some retailers who use kiosks actively invite passers-by to try their products or watch a demonstration. Another advantage of the mall kiosk over a traditional storefront is the reduced expense of keeping it fully stocked. The kiosk model benefits the mall by turning formerly unutilized areas into retail spaces.


Kiosks and carts are best for vendors of small specialty products, such as jewelry, toys, or cosmetics. Some, however, feature more unusual offerings, such as chair massage or futuristic ice cream. Some people use mall kiosks simply to advertise for their business, such as a gym or travel agency. For some products, the mall kiosk offers the perfect amount of space and visibility. Other vendors use the kiosk as a springboard to bigger, more established companies with permanent stores.

The owner of a mall kiosk or cart usually rents floor space in the mall. They may rent at a flat rate, which is typically higher in the holiday season of November and December. Alternatively, they may pay a basic rental fee plus a percentage of their sales revenue in excess of a certain amount, a figure known as overage rent.


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Post 2

Does anyone know how much it costs to rent a spot on the mall store for your kiosk? Also, what kind of maintenance costs would be involved?

I do lots of my own craftwork, and while I usually stick to selling at craft shows, I think opening my own kiosk would be a great way to get additional business if it isn't too costly.

Has anyone had experience working at a mall kiosk? Do you find it difficult to be comfortable during the workday? As far as merchandise goes, do you think it is easier to sell hand made products or those that have been mass produced.

Post 1

I find it great that mall kiosks tend to multiply around Christmas time. I look forward to all the new goods that come on display during the holidays. It is also nice to see lots of independent sellers get space in a mall that is generally reserved for brand name stores.

I find that mall kiosks also have great deals and I enjoy that many of them strive to be more interactive and offer free samples to customers.

Mall kiosks actually remind me a lot of makeup counters in department stores, as they both have more attentive staff and more interaction.

What do you think are some of the best buys at mall kiosks?

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