What Is a Male Pageant?

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A male pageant might be fashioned after a female pageant, which crowns a regional or international representative. Men might also compete in a pageant as a fund-raising event at college or for nonprofit groups. The pageant might raise money for a worthy cause and typically focuses on fun instead of strict attributes of beauty.

The Mr. World and Mr. International competitions began in the 1990s and have become televised events in some regions. The Mr. World male pageant judges men on leadership skills, intelligence, and physical fitness. It includes a modeling segment where grooming and poise are measured. The winner of this male pageant typically travels the world attending charity events as a spokesman. He might also win a modeling contract.

Contestants in the Mr. International contest in Singapore compete in evening wear, an interview, and swimsuit competition. This event is similar to the Miss International pageant, which names the most photogenic and congenial competitors. The winner represents the sponsoring organization for one year, working with charity groups.

A college or other community male pageant might poke fun at the more serious national or international contests. They typically draw men from fraternities who compete against each other for bragging rights. College contests might include a campy talent segment and risqué swimsuit competition. A community pageant might feature respected, single businessmen who participate to raise money for a worthy cause.


Manhunt International began in 2003 and draws participants from more than 50 countries. Contestants receive coaching in grooming, social etiquette, and stage presence. They may learn how to properly walk on the runway. Men entering this male pageant are judged on physical attractiveness, self-confidence, and personality. As with other male pageants, the winner of Manhunt International typically does not draw the same level of media attention directed at international winners of female beauty contests.


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