What is a Male Connector?

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Male connectors are examples of connecting hardware commonly utilized with coaxial cable. The male connector is characterized by the presence of one or more electrical terminals that can be inserted into a receptacle that is often referred to as a female connector. Generally, the terminal that is part of the basic design of a male connector is not shielded in any way, although some versions do include a small lip around the terminal proper. The basic function of the male connector is to establish a secure connection to an electrical device, allowing a transmission of data and power to take place via the cable.

The male connector has been around for many years, and is basic to the operation of a number of different electrical devices. Perhaps the most common type of male connector is the device known to many people as the electrical plug. Generally configured to make use of two or three prongs that allow the power cord to be plugged into the female receptacle known as an electrical outlet, this type of male connector serves to transfer a steady flow of power from the wiring system within the building to the appliance. The male connector makes it possible to achieve a secure connection to the power source and allow such devices as lamps, televisions, stereo equipment, kitchen appliances and personal computers to receive electricity to run the system.


Along with the male connector types that are intended to supply power to various appliances, there are also versions that are intended to transmit data. One common example is the male connector found at the end of a coaxial cable that carries the input from a cable television hookup into the television proper. This type of male connector normally includes a single thin prong that is inserted and then secured with the use of a surrounding nut.

Another common type of male connector is found at the end of the external wiring on a set of stereo headphones. Just like the cable connection to a television, this example of the male connector is usually a single prong that fits into the connecting receptacle on the stereo unit. The connection allows the end user to don the headphones and receive the audio signals, rather than listening to the presentation over external speakers.

Other example of the male connector are found on various external devices that can be attached to a personal computer and some edge connectors found on various types of circuit boards. In order to maximize the efficiency of the use of male connectors, there is also a device known as a gender changer. This device fits snugly over the prongs on a male connector and allows the cable or cord to be connected to another male connector.


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