What is a Magnetic Water Softener?

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Hard water, the result of calcium and mineral deposits found in normal household water supplies, can be a serious problem for appliances and homes. Traditional methods of softening water result in a great deal of waste and removal of healthy elements. A magnetic water softener is a new method of utilizing magnetic fields to soften water for home consumption. It has been utilized by commercial and industrial organizations for years because of the many benefits it provides.

The calcified remains hard water leaves behind cause problems in many homes. The main issue with hard water is that appliances like water heaters collect a mineral buildup over time and will eventually stop functioning because of the hard water. Another issue is the white mineral residue left from water leaking or even on sinks and tubs. Softening water with a water conditioning system is the only way to eliminate these issues.

For many years, water treatment was done by a chemical process. By adding salt and chemicals to a water supply before it enters a home, the harmful minerals are removed and the water is softened. The leftover chemicals, however, become waste. This waste needs to be diligently removed from the softener. Also, many of the naturally occurring healthy minerals are also removed from water, but a magnetic water softener provides a way of softening water with no waste or loss of health benefits.


A magnetic water softener operates by forcing a water supply to pass through a magnetized field before entering a home. The small electrical charge created from this magnetic field acts as a water filter and neutralizes the magnesium and other elements that create hard water. A more complex style of magnetic water softener will often pass the water through the field several times in order to expel the softest water possible.

The magnetic water softener has many benefits that the traditional method cannot provide. Magnets have been used by industrial and commercial water production for many years and they have proven to retain vitamins and minerals in the water, creating a healthier beverage for drinking. The second biggest advantage is the lack of waste, because magnetic water softening neither creates wasted minerals, nor uses electricity like other softeners. The result is a smooth, efficient water treatment system that prolongs the life of many appliances around the house.


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