What is a Magnetic Spice Rack?

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A magnetic spice rack is a type of kitchen storage system designed to allow canisters of spices to be easily stored and accessed on a wall or on the inside of a cupboard door. This type of spice rack is often used in home and commercial kitchens, and while it is not always the best option for every situation, it can often provide a convenient and modifiable solution to spice storage needs. A magnetic spice rack typically consists of individual metal canisters, often with magnets attached to the back of each one and a metal bar mounted to a wall onto which the canisters can be affixed.

There are a number of companies that produce a magnetic spice rack for commercial and home use. A magnetic spice rack can also be rather easily made using a few simple parts, including individual spice canisters, magnetic strips, and mountable metal bars. Magnetic spice racks that are commercially available can include other features, however, such as metal bars that can be more easily mounted and spice canisters that can be labeled to allow for faster recognition of spices.


The basic construction of a magnetic spice rack consists of two parts: the spice canisters themselves and the metal bar or bars that mount onto a wall or other vertical surface. These bars are typically placed on a wall, often using a few nails or screws, with small magnets connected to the spice containers. The containers are often metallic, sometimes stainless steel, and usually include windows on their tops to make the spices inside viewable. A magnetic spice rack essentially works by affixing the containers to the metal bars on the wall using the magnets that are on the containers; this allows the containers to be easily removed and replaced.

Spice containers that are part of a magnetic spice rack usually have lids that can be twisted off, and may include lids that have small holes for sprinkling the spices. One of the benefits of a magnetic spice rack over some other types of spice racks is that the spices are often more accessible than when stacked in a cupboard or shelf. Since new metal bars can be attached to a wall or within a cupboard, magnetic spice racks can also be expanded quite easily to provide storage for more spices. Kitchens that may not have much wall space, however, may not include opportunities for using such a spice rack, and a rack that is similar to a shelf may be preferable.


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