What is a Magnetic Personality?

Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

When certain individuals enter a business meeting or join a party in progress, they seem to exude a palpable sense of self-confidence and positive energy. Others may be instinctively drawn to such a person because of an nearly indefinable quality known as a magnetic personality. A person blessed, or in some cases cursed, with such a personality may not be the most physically attractive or best dressed in the room, but his natural charisma makes him more compelling to be around.

People are attracted to individuals with magnetic personalities.
People are attracted to individuals with magnetic personalities.

A person with a truly magnetic personality does not have to be the "life of the party" or the "class clown" in order to attract attention. Instead, he or she may say very little in the way of idle conversation or chit-chat. What this person does best is make everyone he or she interacts with feel empowered or validated. The positive energy and the selfless interest in the other party makes the person very popular indeed.

President Kennedy had a very magnetic personality.
President Kennedy had a very magnetic personality.

This is not to suggest that such a person is necessarily comfortable in the role or will always use this ability for good. Some charismatic people can find themselves overwhelmed in public by others who want to feed off their positivity. It is not unusual to see someone with a magnetic personality distance himself or herself from large crowds. Many professional entertainers, for example, must arrange for extra security measures when making public appearances because they have become too popular to interact with fans.

Charming, charismatic people often have a certain power over others.
Charming, charismatic people often have a certain power over others.

Certain politicians could also be said to possess magnetic personalities. Many people who have met former president Bill Clinton, for example, speak of his ability to connect with everyone in a room. Part of the reason for a public figure's success can often be traced directly to having such a personality. When a charming or charismatic person makes a request or asks others to take action, many people find themselves willing to fulfill those requests without question.

Someone who has a magnetic personality often has a positive outlook.
Someone who has a magnetic personality often has a positive outlook.

This characteristic can be used for less-than-stellar purposes, however. Many religious cult leaders, such as the Reverend Jim Jones, as well as criminal masterminds, such as Charles Manson, used their charisma to manipulate others. A person possessing such a personality often feels an obligation to use it sparingly in order to avoid becoming too self-important or too controlling of others who lack his or her self-esteem and self-confidence.

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is said to have a magnetic personality.
Former U.S. President Bill Clinton is said to have a magnetic personality.
Michael Pollick
Michael Pollick

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I would like to hear the opinions of anyone who acknowledges that a "magnetic personality" transcends a toothy grin, positive attitude, etc.--or any other thing that is teachable at a charm school.

I've known a few persons with this hard to define trait--the French term for it translates as "I know not what"--and I can't help wondering if it might, in fact, be a manifestation of what in China is known as "Qi" (Ki, in Japanese).

I would be interested in any feedback/opinion anyone has in this regard.


Since people with magnetic personalities can convince others to take action, I would imagine they would make great salespeople. It can be really hard to make a sale when someone is clinging tightly to their money, but I think that a salesperson with the right degree of magnetism could talk just about anyone into buying something.


@OeKc05 – That makes me feel kind of bad for what I've been doing to my cousin. She has a very magnetic personality, and lately, I've been leaning heavily on her for support.

I've been having a lot of boyfriend problems, and because she is so caring and positive, I've been going to her with all of them. She told me I could talk to her any time, but now, I fear I may be bringing her down and she is too nice to tell me.


It can be exhausting to have this type of personality. That's because your coworkers, your friends, and your family will always come to you when they need cheering up.

I have a magnetic personality, and I constantly get burdened with other people's problems. I try to impart sympathy and a positive outlook to them, but they just don't know how much hearing sad things all the time brings me down. Even an upbeat person cannot sustain optimism when she is always bombarded with negativity and sadness.

I would love to go just one day without having to give comfort and advice. I would love to be able to have a girls' night out with nothing but fun and a good time.


I always thought that having a magnetic personality meant that you were always the one speaking out and being the leader of the group. I didn't know that a person who is reserved could have such a personality until I read this article. It sounds like my own magnetic personality definition differs from the correct one.


I have a magnetic personality. Sometimes it's great and sometimes it's overwhelming. Strangers are constantly approaching me in stores asking if I know where to locate certain items, or asking my opinion on clothes-makeup-nail polish, etc. This happens at work too.

I work in a large hospital and it's impossible to know everyone, but other employees who I don't know (and visitors) approach me for directions, etc. This even happens to me on vacation, when I'm not in my own environment. I'm constantly approached by people everywhere I go. I guess it's a nice quality to have, but sometimes I just want to be left alone.


Comfyshoes- I agree. I love the Oprah Winfrey show. Her shows are very uplifting and positive and really make you want to make a positive change in your life.

But if you don't have a magnetic personality you can still improve your personality by engaging people more and paying more attention to what they say.

People always want to be around other people that listen to them, so this is an easy way to improve personality.

A person with the personality type a for instance, might have the most difficulty with this step because they tend to be impatient and finish other people sentences for them.

These types of personality have a bigger challenge and must show more restraint when having social conversations. This will illustrate quickly how to have a magnetic personality.


Magnetic personality traits include a bubbly spirit and an energetic positive personality.

People are drawn to those with magnetic personalities because of other optimism and hope.

They not only can they a positive message but really have a way of connecting with people in an individual level. People feel special in their presence.

People with personal magnetism usually become very influential as a result. A famous personality that displays personal magnetism and that has a huge following is Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey connects to her viewers on a daily basis. The viewers feel a connection with Oprah and feel her positive and optimistic energy. This makes her viewers more likely to tune in to her show.

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